maandag 24 december 2012

little Christmas shopping!


Tonight is Christmas Eve and I’m not really looking forward to is so much. My family is ... let’s say, different.
sometimes it’s fun, but sometimes it's absolutely crap to celebrate it together.
Fortunately, the exam period ended and I can now enjoy a little of my vacation.
A little, because unlike my friends I mostly go to work. Not allot of time for blogging i’m afraid, but I’ll do my best to make my days off to good use.
After the exams, I went shopping a few times: 4 times to be exact .
1 time with my niece, which I just have bought a pair of earrings. 2 times with Sarah. And 1 time with my boyfriend.
Together with Sarah, I've been to Maastricht what was her the first time being there, so it was pretty funny to see her panic when I didn’t knew where we were. Despite the sales in the stores, there weren’t allot of people, so I was pretty relieved.

And the 4th time went to Hasselt cause I was looking for some jeans. I hate buying jeans because I'm not a size 0. I’m more of  a size 10 ... sigh.
In general I am very satisfied with my purchase and especially the cute booties that I first didn’t love 100%,like I did to my previous pair. Now that I do love them, I don’t want to wear another pair.

Now I have to go and get ready! . (hair + makeup + nails + outfit = lot of work)
happy holidays everyone!

maandag 3 december 2012

Exam update ...


Gosh it’s so great to be a college student… NOT! Personally I like going to school to see my friends, listening to what the teacher says, but doing homework and tests?!  
Not my thing.
Now i’m in my first year of college, I realize how much work you have to do for school during the entire year!
So today I had my first exame at college and despite the fact that I studied very hard for this, and that I totally knew everything, it was a disaster!
Luckily most of the students were thinking the same. From all the things the teacher told us to study very hard, she asked nothing  ! So there I was with my 35 pages summaries and dark circles under my eyes from the sleepless nights…
Important questions at the exam? As if!
All the diagrams I studied, all the definitions i’ve learned by heart, all for nothing !
I’m in a pretty bad mood as you can tell.
College s*cks! (excuse the language)
Glad I’m done with the stress of the first exam and I am now unfortunately forced to study history.
 Sure ... 3 days to learn the entire history inside and out, that's very realistic haha!
I just have to persevere, then two weeks of hard work during the Christmas holidays (no holiday for me) and then, yes, I'll enjoy the one week of vacation that I do have!

And now? On to  my history books...

donderdag 29 november 2012

Winter "wonder" land

English - Nederlands

On Saturday 24 November, my boyfriend and I went to Winterland.
I mostly call it Winter “Wonder” land. At night it has an amazing magical feeling to it thanks to the beautiful christmas decorations and the abundance of christmas lights.
This year they decided to put up a few more attractions but to be honest, I really did not like that. It didn’t really matches the whole christmas vibe.
I think they probably did it to attract Young teenagers and little children…
So as my and my boyfriend where walking through the christmas market, I was looking everywhere for big snowglobe to put in my room, but unfortunately they only had Christmas houses, snowmen, reindeer and christmas garlands...
After walking around for a hour through the cold weather we decided that we needed a hot chocolate. At least I did...
Despite the fact that I didn’t found a snowglobe, I did managed to get a thick woolen infinity scarf  for only € 4,00.

I’m afraid it’s time to hit the books again and start studying... you got it right ... time for the exams.  I’m going to take a short break from blogging to focus on my schoolwork but I will post IF (and only if) something happens during my exams... probably it will !
For those who also have exams: Good luck, bon chance and study hard!
For those who don’t have exams: LUCKY YOU !

Xoxo jana marie

vrijdag 23 november 2012

Breaking dawn & christmas-shopping*

English - Nederlands

During the weekend, my boyfriend and I went to Hasselt to do some christmas shopping.
In the month December I  have my exams so I don’t have time …
I was hoping to score a nice outfit and a few Gifts but there were so many people! I don’t know if there was some sort af event but it wasn’t fun at al.
I hate crowded, noisy places where people start pushing or when you have to wait half an hour to try on a dress.
Because the lines to the dressingrooms where to long everywhere,  my boyfriend decided to buy us some American soda. It was the First time we tried it but it tasted really good. I loved it.
We bought it in ‘American Today’, where they don’t only sell very cute clothes but also typical American candy and soda.
Although i’m not that big of a soda-lover, I did enjoy it.
Despite the fact that there where so many people, I did managed to get a few things for myself.
My boyfriend was so relieved when I said that shopping was over, yes he hates it (which guy doesn’t?!).
At the end of the day we went out with my cousin and her boyfriend to watch the twilight saga: breaking dawn part 2.
Since I don’t want to spoil the movie for those who haven’t watched it, I will not tell anything about it. The only thing I have to say about it is; AMAZING!
I was blown away by the movie, which is pretty difficult to do since i like the books more.
The previous movies were a bit of a dissapointment, because i just liked the books better but this one kinda surprised me.
Movie you win okay? Happy now?

donderdag 15 november 2012

Summer 2012 update

English - Nederlands

Ok√©, i’m back again.

After being away for a while, I decided to pick up where I left off. You’re probably wondering what i did throughout the summer? Well exams, holidays, work, the usual pastime. Unfortunately, all this at the expense of my poorly maintained blog! Thanks to Darleen, my banner is finally renewed and yes she has also forced me to start blogging again. I know, she’s right!  
Let's start off with what a heck of a  summer I had. First, I finally graduated high school and now I can start college, something I’ve been  really looking forward to.
My summer mainly consisted out of work, but a vacation is not a vacation if you
don’t have fun.Along with Kim c. I went to the Ardennes. Normally kids with the age 6-12 walk trough the River, but we decided to act silly and walk along the kids. I think it’s a good thing to occasionally act silly or childish… gives you less wrinkels (i hope?!). We had so much fun! We arrive at the campsite with a huge BMW convertible which a group of boys were staring at (I know this is indeed not the most logical car to go camping with but hey, why not ?). Highlight of the evening? We had just a tiny throw open tent that was actually smaller than the car. Luxury my ass... !

vrijdag 9 november 2012

X-mos time!

English - Nederlands

hi bloggers,

so I've been away for a while because unfortunately I had a lot of schoolwork. Unfortunately, this is Still the same but ... I now have vacation! Hopefully a little more time to work on my blog.

For me it all started at school last ThursdayThen we had Xmos evening, a sort of celebration for the final year students. In the last year we had a gala dinner and then we went to the versus (the most popular club in Hasselt).
It was super funEveryone was in costume or was dressed up very nice!

The next day we had breakfast and film and there was the xmos show. We all had the same sweater, got through school, left at half past 9 to the cinema (only 2 hours sleep!) To watch the film project X and then a party during the xmos show which was hilarious .
Of course after the show began the holidays for everyone and mine started great. My boyfriend and I went on a weekend at sea. Nothing really special, but just to have something fun to do among us two.

This Saturday we are going to The Hunger Games (team Katniss ofcourse!), Tuesday to primark in Liege and hopefully I find the time to blog about it!

hopefully you guys have a great week/ weekend!


Thank you school

English - Nederlands

Dear bloggers,
Because the large amount of schoolwork, I will not be blogging for a while. I hope that I will find some spare time so I can write and blog but school is my priority for now.
Thank you for your understanding.

xoxo JanaMarie

19th birthday!

So last weekend my two best friends and I celebrated my 19th birthday in a small pub.
I didn’t want to invite boys, because I wanted to have a little girls night with my 2 best friends. Of course one of my friends decided that she wanted to bring here boyfriend…
I did not let that screw up my little party.
We drink a lot, talked a lot and laughed a lot.
I had a great time!
Sandra stayed over at my place untill Saturday so Saterday we had a relax day what a facial mask and painting our nails. I did her make-up since she isn’t really that great at it ( she said so herself!) and gave her tips. By midday, my boyfriend came to pick us up and we want to Hasselt.
Sandra went home, while me and my boyfriend went shopping, had dinner and went to a pub.
Sunday was supposed to be lazyday but unfortunately i got the flu.  My boyfriend was so sweet! He even putted me in bed that night!

So let me now show you some pictures !

How to save your skin after a party?

You know how  it goes…you went to bed too late (maybe you  never went to sleep at all?), had to much cocktails and you did not drink enough water during the day. These are a disaster for your skin.

The next morning you wake up, looking in the mirror, seeing that your face is swollen and you have dark cirkels under your eyes . You probably forgot to remove your makeup as well since you have a few pimples.

Now the big question: what should I  do ?!

weekend party

After a long week of school, my BF and I went on a date. We were celebrating our 1.5 year anniversary. We decided that we didn’t want to do anything special since my birthday is on the 26st of january  and his birthday is on 5 february. White a snack, some champagne, a dvd and some candles  we had a great time.

That day I wore just a basic jeans, black T-shirt, black cardigan and my new black boots.

look for a perfect date.

on a first date, it is important not to look overdone.
Go for something simple, stylish and elegant instead of a mini dress and killer heels
guys think they don’t have to work for you and think you're easy to get. And  let’s get real, What girl wouldn’t  want a guy fighting
for her?

Two looks,one night

Yesterday I was at my cousin when she decided that she wanted to try out 2 different make-up looks on me.  For the first look she wanted to give me red lips, but the problem  was (and still is) my lips are pretty small. But I decided that I could give it a try.
For the second look she gave me a dark smokey eye wich looked amazing ! I had such a blast during the shoot. Now let’s go to the end result!