vrijdag 9 november 2012

look for a perfect date.

on a first date, it is important not to look overdone.
Go for something simple, stylish and elegant instead of a mini dress and killer heels
guys think they don’t have to work for you and think you're easy to get. And  let’s get real, What girl wouldn’t  want a guy fighting
for her?

These outfits are a good example of a feminine and stylish look. The nice thing is that you can wear heels as long as they aren’t bright  or full of glitter. Keep those  killer heels for a girls night out.

For makeup, I love a natural look. I love a thin line on the upper lash line because it gives the feeling of fuller lashes. And for an extra touch of color, use a soft pink lipstick. Remember: boys do not like tons of makeup.

For the hair, try to leave it in it’s natural state. If you are not satisfied with your natural hair, then you can always styles or curls. Try to avoid tight tails because they will make you look more severe.
xoxo J.

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