maandag 24 december 2012

little Christmas shopping!


Tonight is Christmas Eve and I’m not really looking forward to is so much. My family is ... let’s say, different.
sometimes it’s fun, but sometimes it's absolutely crap to celebrate it together.
Fortunately, the exam period ended and I can now enjoy a little of my vacation.
A little, because unlike my friends I mostly go to work. Not allot of time for blogging i’m afraid, but I’ll do my best to make my days off to good use.
After the exams, I went shopping a few times: 4 times to be exact .
1 time with my niece, which I just have bought a pair of earrings. 2 times with Sarah. And 1 time with my boyfriend.
Together with Sarah, I've been to Maastricht what was her the first time being there, so it was pretty funny to see her panic when I didn’t knew where we were. Despite the sales in the stores, there weren’t allot of people, so I was pretty relieved.

And the 4th time went to Hasselt cause I was looking for some jeans. I hate buying jeans because I'm not a size 0. I’m more of  a size 10 ... sigh.
In general I am very satisfied with my purchase and especially the cute booties that I first didn’t love 100%,like I did to my previous pair. Now that I do love them, I don’t want to wear another pair.

Now I have to go and get ready! . (hair + makeup + nails + outfit = lot of work)
happy holidays everyone!

maandag 3 december 2012

Exam update ...


Gosh it’s so great to be a college student… NOT! Personally I like going to school to see my friends, listening to what the teacher says, but doing homework and tests?!  
Not my thing.
Now i’m in my first year of college, I realize how much work you have to do for school during the entire year!
So today I had my first exame at college and despite the fact that I studied very hard for this, and that I totally knew everything, it was a disaster!
Luckily most of the students were thinking the same. From all the things the teacher told us to study very hard, she asked nothing  ! So there I was with my 35 pages summaries and dark circles under my eyes from the sleepless nights…
Important questions at the exam? As if!
All the diagrams I studied, all the definitions i’ve learned by heart, all for nothing !
I’m in a pretty bad mood as you can tell.
College s*cks! (excuse the language)
Glad I’m done with the stress of the first exam and I am now unfortunately forced to study history.
 Sure ... 3 days to learn the entire history inside and out, that's very realistic haha!
I just have to persevere, then two weeks of hard work during the Christmas holidays (no holiday for me) and then, yes, I'll enjoy the one week of vacation that I do have!

And now? On to  my history books...