maandag 3 december 2012

Exam update ...


Gosh it’s so great to be a college student… NOT! Personally I like going to school to see my friends, listening to what the teacher says, but doing homework and tests?!  
Not my thing.
Now i’m in my first year of college, I realize how much work you have to do for school during the entire year!
So today I had my first exame at college and despite the fact that I studied very hard for this, and that I totally knew everything, it was a disaster!
Luckily most of the students were thinking the same. From all the things the teacher told us to study very hard, she asked nothing  ! So there I was with my 35 pages summaries and dark circles under my eyes from the sleepless nights…
Important questions at the exam? As if!
All the diagrams I studied, all the definitions i’ve learned by heart, all for nothing !
I’m in a pretty bad mood as you can tell.
College s*cks! (excuse the language)
Glad I’m done with the stress of the first exam and I am now unfortunately forced to study history.
 Sure ... 3 days to learn the entire history inside and out, that's very realistic haha!
I just have to persevere, then two weeks of hard work during the Christmas holidays (no holiday for me) and then, yes, I'll enjoy the one week of vacation that I do have!

And now? On to  my history books...


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