dinsdag 29 januari 2013

Seriously shine free


Okay let’s about my skin. Unfortunately I'm not blessed with perfect skin. It shines, is full of small pimples and scars by severe acne when I was 15-16 years. Fortunately, the worst is finally over and now I only have some subcutaneous pimples.
So when I went shopping, we went to the drugstore where my eye hit  on the "Seriously Shine Free mattifying oil-free moisturizer”. A mouthful I know, but if it did it’s name honor I didn’t know . Meanwhile I have used it several times  and god this stuff stinks.
In colorfull letters on the box it says: new fragrance.

 I wonder how the previous sent smelled like  because this stuff is really disgusting. Unfortunately, I have to suck it up because this product has also a positive point. IT WORKS!
My head is shine free from morning until late afternoon , and at 4 pm I just have to use  a little bit of  powder.
Unbelievable that a product that smells so bad, can work properly. Unfortunately, my sense of smell  is too strong developed (at least I think so anyway) and I will not buy this product again. Perhaps the 'Nivea mattifying day care' that I will try next time works just as good and smells  a bit better.
The seriously shine free mattifying oil-free moisturizer is for sale in the drugstore for only: 7,99 / 75ml.

zaterdag 26 januari 2013

Crazy sale shopping


On Saturday me and my friends Karen and Gaetana went to Hasselt  to do some crazy sale shopping. Despite the sales there were  not so many people in Hasselt as we thought, which was nice for us of course.This was probably because it was very cold and freezing outside.
With Karen and Gaetana I went looking for different sweaters since it’s terribly cold and even snowing in Belgium.
In my favorite stores I always find something, and even this time they did not disappoint me at all.
Newlook, H & M, Kruidvat and Mango all had fun discounted items. And if it is marked down, I am of course there to check it out.
Not everything I bought was unfortunately in the sales, but normally I rarely ever find something there so I was pleasantly surprised by the things I did found it!
As you can see this blog is on the shorter side because I have a party to celebrate. My party ... because today I celebrate my birthday (gosh  this goes so fast)! Of course I will also be blogging about this (more extensive than this though)
so feel free to follow me .

zondag 20 januari 2013

my first product review!


Do not kill me if this is a terrible review. It’s my First time and I  hope to improve every time I post a new one. So despite the fact that the bourjois healty mix foundation exists for a pretty long time, I actually got it just a week ago.  You can ask me to true out any beautyproduct, but I hate traying out foundation.  Mostly my skin looks orange or to tan or I get pimples everywhere and believe me that you really do not want to see how that turns out.
In the drugstore I always looked at the product because I was pretty curious about it. I always wondered if it really worked but never deared to try it because of my difficult skintype. So last week I decided to give it a shot and … I love it!
It makes my skin feel so soft and it covers all my blemishes without looking like I’m wearing way to much junk on my face.
This foundation has a great fruity scent which I like a lot.  
The packaging is very hygienic because it has a pump and it’s made out of plastic so it’s very light.  

This foundation only costs € 14,50 which I think isn’t bad for a good quality drugstore foundation.


maandag 14 januari 2013

happy 2013!

English- nederlands
Happy 2013 everyone!
I wish you all a nice new year and may all your dreams come true. As you might have noticed I’ve been away  during the holidays. Not because I was too lazy but because unfortunately I had to work everyday from 8 o’clock till 23 o’clock. Positive about it? MONEY = shopping = blog ideas!
In my previous blog you could read that I really didn’t wanted to celebrate Christmas and wasn’t really in the mood to party, but nevertheless I had a lot of fun. Everyone was friendly, the food was super and the gifts were great. As you can see from pictures , I did not recieved a lot of gifts. At home and at my aunts place we work with a card-pull system so you do not have to buy for everyone. Everyone would already  be uninspired after two years  and it is not exciting when you know who has to buy stuff for you. Unfortunately there were many giftcards which  means  that everyone was already uninspired.

My boyfriend gave me a book by Sylvia Day: ‘ Reflected in you’ , along with a handbag that I will show in an OOTD-blog . Then I received a giftcard from  Sac D'Anvers from  my sister’s boyfriend which  I‘m very happy about because I really  need a new schoolbag. My uncle gave me a giftcard from The Sting and a T-shirt that is unfortunately in the dirty laundry. Frankly, I rarely ever find something fun in The Sting. Oh well maybe a few basic pieces ? My parents gave me a giftcard of a beauty institute which I had not expected but i’m  very happy with it . (Facial!). From my grandparents and aunt I recieved money to go shopping and from  my cousin  I  recieved an early birthday present : M.A.C! Since I'm a studen, high-end makeup is not something I quickly buy  so I was very happy that I could pick something! My collection is expanded up to 3  (Yes 3) MAC products!
For myself, I  bought my first OPI nail polish. Not  because it is more expensive than all my other nailpolishes but because I can’t  find it nowhere  nearby. I also bought a new lotion and moisturizer since my old one was already empty and make-up without moisturizer is an absolute no-go for me. Now let’s hope  that this wil deliver good work!