dinsdag 29 januari 2013

Seriously shine free


Okay let’s about my skin. Unfortunately I'm not blessed with perfect skin. It shines, is full of small pimples and scars by severe acne when I was 15-16 years. Fortunately, the worst is finally over and now I only have some subcutaneous pimples.
So when I went shopping, we went to the drugstore where my eye hit  on the "Seriously Shine Free mattifying oil-free moisturizer”. A mouthful I know, but if it did it’s name honor I didn’t know . Meanwhile I have used it several times  and god this stuff stinks.
In colorfull letters on the box it says: new fragrance.

 I wonder how the previous sent smelled like  because this stuff is really disgusting. Unfortunately, I have to suck it up because this product has also a positive point. IT WORKS!
My head is shine free from morning until late afternoon , and at 4 pm I just have to use  a little bit of  powder.
Unbelievable that a product that smells so bad, can work properly. Unfortunately, my sense of smell  is too strong developed (at least I think so anyway) and I will not buy this product again. Perhaps the 'Nivea mattifying day care' that I will try next time works just as good and smells  a bit better.
The seriously shine free mattifying oil-free moisturizer is for sale in the drugstore for only: 7,99 / 75ml.


xoxo Jana

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