zaterdag 16 februari 2013

Catrice Nailpolish review

Today I will review a Catrice nail polish for you. This nail polish pleasantly surprised me. I myself am not a fan of nude-colored nail polish, but I kinda fell in love with this one at the store. The color is a mix of different colors in my eyes: gray, purple and brown what I really like.
On the jar is also obvious says that you need to paint your nails 2 times for a good result and yes that is true. After painting your nails twice you get the perfect coverage  and color. About the sustainability of the nailpolish i can’t say much  unfortunately since nailpolish never lasts more than 2 days with me(yes I'm very clumsy with my nails), but normally this nailpolish lasts up to 5 days with a topcoat over it.
I was lucky that I scored this nail polish for only 1 euro because I am super happy with it.

xoxo Jana
this nailpolish was purchased at a Belgium drugstore called 'Kruidvat' From  only 1 euro.
the color is called: co6- be natural.

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  1. Love this colour, so pretty and understated

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