donderdag 25 april 2013

What's on my nails today? (+ Weekend update)


Today I decided to go for a more colorful color on my nails than usual. I’m actually wearing 2 colors so I could get the right effect.
So as a base i’m wearing ‘Break through’, a bright purple color form Essence. For the glittery effect i’m wearing ‘Gasoline’ from Gosh on top of that. Normally i’m not a fan of pink-purple glitter on my nails, but for once I thought it looked good and different for a change.

maandag 22 april 2013

O.P.I. not like the movies

English- Nederlands

A few weeks ago I went to Liege with my niece.  I only wanted to buy a lipstick from MAC so i was really disappointed when the color I wanted was sold out. So instead i bought a nailpolish! In Planet Parfum I noticed all the colourfull nailpolishes but I stil decided to go for something more special  since I find OPI a bit pricey. Ofcourse I can’t complain about the quality since this nailpolish lasts over 4-6 days on my nails. It’s a nice color since it changes when the light hits is. Sometimes it’s green, than it’s purple and sometimes it’s gold. I also love that the brush is not to thick so you don’t apply to much.  Thanks to the smaller brush you are able to work more precise. Unfortunately it takes forever to dry since you need to apply 3 coats for a nice look, but if you want nice nails you have to do something for it !

First I wasn’t convinced with this color but after wearing it several days I started to love it! Give it a try !

donderdag 18 april 2013



I know, I have an addiction. But it's just a little one and I don't even deny it!
I went shopping ... again and yes I did buy a few things.
With friends I decided to go to town to do some shopping and like always, I found some nice things.
Ofcourse I really do need all the stuff I bought because my previous sneakers were worn-out, my concealer and blush were empty, so I only bought the earrings and the eyeshadow to pamper myself.
Hope you like what I bought, at least I do!

dinsdag 16 april 2013

Review: Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer


The Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer is one of the newest hypes in the country and I have to say, I understand why. The pigmentation is great and it last for a pretty long time.
The packaging is just as great as the product itself. It is a beautiful and practical packaging with a cute sponsapplicator that works easily.
 This product promised to nurture the lips as a lip balm, ensure the same pigmentation as a lipstick and should provide as much gloss as with a lip gloss, but is it true?
This lipstick stays quite a few hours, but the gloss is gone pretty quick. It feels soft and comfortable on the lips (lip balm effect?​​).
Another plus point is of course the price: 10,99 €!
I tested the color  'Apocaliptic' for  you. A bright fushia color that is immediately noticeable. Best is to combine this lip gloss with a natural eyelook but you can also experiment with a cateye.
This lip gloss is perfect for a night out I think. What do you think?

donderdag 11 april 2013

Small shopping haul


Today I just been in the city, not with an eye on something specific.
Together with a good friend, we are going around the various shops snouts. However, I think the spring trends really not pretty. Black and white?! Come on guys, winter is done! A pair of black and white items are okay, but not all, of course. And the neon trend I find nothing at all.
Give me fresh colors and pastels in the spring.
Fortunately I was able to score some nice items.

woensdag 10 april 2013

Review: Shiseido pureness lotion


Another skin product that I wanted to try was the Shiseido pureness lotion.
As you have
already read, I have a really bad skin (getting better!)
Ici Paris I wanted to look around and see what they could do to help me.

with a very friendly saleswomen we went through a number of products and eventually she  advised me to try out the  Shiseido Pureness line. Since I have a mousse from Louis Widmer  I decided to first test 1 product .Of course I asked if this wouldn’t be bad for the skin, to test two different products , and she assured me it wouldn’t.
Now I find this product on the pricier side, but I I do think it’s worth it.
This lotion contains a powder in the bottle (shake before use) which reduces the oily skin and makes  pores smaller. It gives a refreshing feeling on your skin and  is just like the Louis Widmer product non-comedogenic.
I used this product for about 2 weeks and I'm already in love. Maybe I can finally stop my search for the perfect skincare product?

I'll keep you posted

vrijdag 5 april 2013

review: M.A.C. Après Chic

This lipstick is the first lipstick from MAC that I have ever bought. This lipstick is red-orange in color with a glossy finish. The sustainability of is not great, but I don't mind applying a new layer.
The pigmentation of the lipstick, however, is more than satisfying. After only 1 layer it sits perfect on the lips. Now a disadvantage of this lipstick is that it is a limited edition. This lipstick is from the M.A.C. Après Chic collection and is no longer available ( have to search for a similar lipstick !) The price of this MAC lipstick was € 18.50.

woensdag 3 april 2013

review: Sephora express nail polish remover


Okay I hate nail polish remover. It is such a mess with cotton balls and liquid remover! And usually the smell is so strong that my whole room smells like it.
Not my favorite thing to do ...
Unfortunately it has to be done.
Luckily I found this in the Sephora : ‘Express Nail Polish Remover’.
This jar contains a sponge that is soaked with nail polish remover. In the center there is a small hole where you insert your finger into it so you can rub your nail to the sponge. After 10-15 seconds you will see that your nail polish completely disappeared without making a mess!
It is also convenient to take because it is small and compact.
This remover contains 75 ml and, according to Sephora  you can use it for months.
The remover contains no parabens and acetone and is gentle on your skin and nails. Besides the smell is also relatively better or well, less strong. The only downside I can think of is that it is very cheap (9,30). A bottle of remover and a cotton balls together cost about 4-5 , so in comparison cotton balls and liquid remover is cheaper. But as I refuse  to get messy again  with cotton balls.
I love this product!

Review Louis Widmer skincare


Lately my skin is in a terrible state and believe me, that's anything but cool. Since my 15th I received regular breakouts and after a year it was so bad that we had to go to the skin specialist (don’t know the correct word). After a long course of pills and creams I was glad that acne finally  disappeared.
Unfortunately, sometimes it comes  back. Some days I get a sudden explosion of pimples and switching back to pills
wasn’t an option for me.
Recently, I’m using the "Lipo sol mousse 'Louis Widmer
This is a mousse for oily and impure skin. It removes excess sebum, contains no alcohol and is non-comedogenic (product that helps to prevent the formation of impurities
The product contains salicylic acid, which is a plus for me (because this is ideal to combat impurities). In general I am a fan of cleaning in mousse form, and that this also proved to be extremely soft was a huge plus.

My love for this product was even bigger when it appeared that it was also fragrance free. The  result: My skin has improved, even though I still have a few visible spots on my face. I advise you to use this mousse because it is not drying or aggressive to the skin!