maandag 22 april 2013

O.P.I. not like the movies

English- Nederlands

A few weeks ago I went to Liege with my niece.  I only wanted to buy a lipstick from MAC so i was really disappointed when the color I wanted was sold out. So instead i bought a nailpolish! In Planet Parfum I noticed all the colourfull nailpolishes but I stil decided to go for something more special  since I find OPI a bit pricey. Ofcourse I can’t complain about the quality since this nailpolish lasts over 4-6 days on my nails. It’s a nice color since it changes when the light hits is. Sometimes it’s green, than it’s purple and sometimes it’s gold. I also love that the brush is not to thick so you don’t apply to much.  Thanks to the smaller brush you are able to work more precise. Unfortunately it takes forever to dry since you need to apply 3 coats for a nice look, but if you want nice nails you have to do something for it !

First I wasn’t convinced with this color but after wearing it several days I started to love it! Give it a try !

xoxo Jana

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