woensdag 8 mei 2013

Nailpolish addiction?

Get ready for lots of nail polish swatches this month because 2 weeks ago I bought 10 new nail polishes! Yes you read that right, my nail polish collection is 10 pieces richer (although I have more than enough, I just really liked these).
Because there is nothing to do on a sunday, a friend and I were planning on going for a walk until I saw that there were some shops open including ‘ZEB’.

In the clothing store they sold nail polish from the brand 'Kleancolor', something I had never heard of. The action buy 5 and get 5 for free, so it was a great deal since  the nail polishes were only€ 3.50.
Now what I think of this brand? WOW
I think they're even a little better than OPI (and believe me I love OPI), but the quality of these polishes are incredible. After 1 layer I had the perfect coverage and it remained 4-5 days on my nails. I also find these have a much better price  than OPI that costs 13-14 euros!


xoxo Jana 

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