zaterdag 7 september 2013

Flormar terracotta 'Lights of flowers'


Today I'm reviewing this beauty. I mean, look at this gorgeous packaging. It looks really expensive and I love the color! Probably because purple is my favorite color, but still, I think it's unique and different. 
The packaging is very solid so you can take it around with you in your purse. 
Now about the powder itself. It looks beautiful, I didn't even wanted to touch it! But for my blog I had to. 
So far it's my favorite powder I have ever used. It's light, gives your face a nice glow, and doesn't look cakey !  The glow it gives looks so naturelle, that you look healthy, fresh and it makes you shine. 
Such a bummer you can only order online when you live in Turkey, but there are a few stores so make sure to check out if your country has one on ! 
This product coast around € 15,00-20,00, which i think is pretty descent for this great powder. 

xoxo Jana 

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