woensdag 30 oktober 2013

MUA Bon Bon

English - Nederlands 

On todays menu I got this beautiful blush.
I really am amazed by this gorgeous  blush because of its soft texture.
Due to this texture it’s really nice to work with and so soft to apply.
This blush doesn’t contain any glitter so you don’t look like a disco ball. Because it doesn’t contain any glitter it has a beautiful natural finish.
MUA sells a lot of different colors but the name ‘Bon Bon’ appealed to me the most. This soft pink color is perfect for my pale (white) skin which gave me a healthy blush on my cheeks.
The blushes of MUA are very cheap so I probably am going to order a few more.

Only £ 1 you pay for this beautiful blush!

maandag 14 oktober 2013

Kiko eyeshadows

English - Nederlands

Today I have two new beautiful eyeshadows for you. 
I bought them on my shopping trip to Essen, where I wanted to visit the Kiko store.
These eyeshadows are super soft and don't lose a lot of pigmentation once you apply them. 
Their pigmentation is incredible  which means you don't have to apply a lot for great color payoff. 
Now I do not own any MAC eyeshadows but I think you can compare them when it comes to quality. Kiko has a big offer a lot of eyeshadows but I decided to go for just these two... which I do regret now... 
These shadows might be like the MAC, but when it comes to price I think these win! 
The Kiko eyeshadows only costs € 1,90 

donderdag 3 oktober 2013

MUA pearl eyeshadows

English - Nederlands

London London London , God I love you so much! Especially the beauty shops are great.
They sell so many brands that are not available in Belgium (except online). I myself wanted to try the MUA eyeshadow for a while which aren’t available in Belgim, but I  don’t like to order online.
Luckily for me I went to London where I bought these two cuties. Unfortunately there were not so many cool colors left . But I can not complain! I'm very happy with these two.
For just £ 1 (€ 1.20) I must confess that the pigmentation is better than expected  The eyeshadows have a pearly finish which gives it a nice shine and they last really long on the eye without creasing. My personal favorite has to be the tan on because it is easier to pull off  throughout the day.
I advise you to go and take a look on their webshop.
Wonderful eyeshadows and lipsticks for £ 1, can’t go wrong there!