zondag 24 november 2013

ELF peachy

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For today I got a new blush! 
Last week I received a packaged from Elf cosmetics
For those who don't now elf cosmetics: it's an online website where the sell beautiful make-up products for a very cheap price. Elf is known for 1€ make-up ( a bit like £1,00 make-up from MUA). Now this sounds to good to be true, doesn't it ?
Luckily i'm the type of person who likes to try out things and wanted to give this brand a chance. 
I orderd this beautiful blush from  the Elf mineral collection
I have to say that I really like the packaging. It's simple, black and solid. Not bad for €1,00. 
Elf cosmetics says this blush is good for oily skin and it promises that it will absorb the extra oils so it will create a matt effect.  Well it sure keeps it's promise! My cheeks are less shiny and less greasy but, yeah there is a but, due to the beautiful little bits of gold glitter, you get a very pretty, healty flush off color. 
I went for the color 'Peachy' since I wanted something different then the pink I usually go for. 
So far this is one of my favorite blushes and it only coasts €6,00! 
Make sure to check out  http://nl.eyeslipsface.be/

xoxo Jana

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