donderdag 28 november 2013

Let's contour

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Today I have a product for you guys, which I never used before. 
It's the ELF contouring and blush kit. Everybody knows what blush is and how to use it, but I never tried contouring. 
Let me just say that I found it very difficult.  
Elf gives you two options: the cream contouring kit or the pouder contouring kit. I choosed  the cream version since I thought this would look more natural. 
The product blends very easily which made it look like shadows and made it look natural. (This is why it was very hard to photograph). 
At first I was a bit scared that the color would be to dark for my pale skin but when you blend the product, it really looks good. 
I had very high expectations and I have to say  that elf really surprised me in a good way. 
The packaging is really simple and neutral black but I really like it. It's easy to work with and very handy for travelling since it has a mirror inside. 
I was pleasantly surprised by this product and I'm hoping that I will be better at contouring! 
This product only costed €4.00

xoxo Jana 

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