zondag 29 december 2013

What's in my bag update

English - Nederlands 

Today an updated version from my purse. 
Everybody loves to know what people carry around in there purse and since I ha
ve a new one, I thought I might do an updated version of 'what's in my purse'. 
Normally i'm an over packer but  with this purse it's not that easy. It looks pretty big on photo but in real life it is pretty small. 
I'm being forced to take less with me, which my shoulder is very happy with. 

1.  A small pink notebook where I write blog ideas in. I have this for more than a year so I can't remember where I got this 
4. this agenda is very handy and looks really professional. It's from HEMA 
and only costed €7.95. 
3.Just a basic blue pen from Action.
4. My wallet is from the Primark in London.
5. My keys.
1. Labello in Cherry
2. Collection 2000 concealer
3.a Sample from Armani Decode
4. Clinique mascara sample
5. Lip gloss  from  HEMA 
6. Zara roller perfume 
7. White eye pencil  from Essence
8. Lipstick from ELF in the color Posh

I just love the sample from Armani Decode. Such a beautiful bottle. 

xoxo Jana

2 opmerkingen:

  1. such a cute bag and I agree, Armani's Decode has a beautiful design!

  2. great bag! lovely blog