woensdag 31 december 2014

My new years make-up look + video

English - Nederlands

It did take a while before I decided to upload my very first make-up tutorial! I was doubting if I should post this or not, or if I would just post photo's of the look, but I decided to give it a shot. 
I didn't know what I was going for for my new years look so I decided to  just go with it. Luckily I really liked the result. 
I went for a soft pink lip and a white and burgundy eye look with a soft winged liner. 
Don't forget to check out the video! 

zondag 21 december 2014

Sunday talk

English - Nederlands

Only a few more days till Christmas. I'm really looking forward to it but I still don't know what to wear. Unfortunately I have to work the 24th of December tis 17:00, so I have to hurry to get ready in time. I'm hoping to post a Christmas look on Tuesay, but I don't know if i'm going to have the time. Let's hope I do! 
At the moment, I'm sitting here in my brand new Primark Pajama's and a hot coco, enjoying my day off. Tomorrow I have to work till 14:00 so I have the afternoon off to do some last minute Christmas shopping. I know it's not good to do some last minute shopping but what has to be done,has to be done. 
Do you have everything for Christmas or are you last-minute shoppers as well? 

vrijdag 19 december 2014

Fashion Friday - Primark haul

English - Nederlands

The weather in Belgium is just horrible, which makes it very difficult to take pictures. 
Luckily I managed to take pictures of my Primark purchases. 
On Tuesday I went to the Primark in Luik with Melissa from melfortune and after that we went to the movies together. 
The Primark was a bit of a disappointment when it came to the clothes, they really didn't had much lovely items. Thank god they have such beautiful accessorize and Pajamas's. 
If there are any  questions about some items, you can always ask!  

vrijdag 12 december 2014

November Favorites

English - Nederlands

No Fashion Friday today unfortunately, but I do have my November favorites ready for you! 
It was about time I posted these and due to the lack of light to take pictures for Fashion Friday, I decided to post my favorites in stead. 
First of all I want to share my favorite cleanser. This stuff from Lush is amazing and really does wonders for problem skin. I'm hoping that I can visit the Lush in Maastricht again this month cause my jar is almost empty.
For the review click here.

woensdag 10 december 2014

Lucky Mia

English - Nederlands

Something different then a lipstick review... eye shadow. After all the lipstick reviews, it was about time to write about something different and luckily I had this eye shadow ready  for you. 
Miyo was a brand I never heard off before, but I received this product in a give-away  that I won at Melfortune. 
The packaging is very simple with silver circles and silver letters. It looks pretty cheap, but that doesn't mean the quality is bad. Luckily this isn't the case. 'Lucky  Mia', as the shadow is called, is  very soft en creamy of texture and is very pigmented. This beautiful bronze colored eye shadow blends out very easily without fading. It stayed on the entire day and the intensity of the shadow lasted beautifully. 
I was pleasantly surprised by this eye shadow and I'm thinking about buying more of this brand! 
The eye shadow only costed €3.95, which isn't bad for this pigmentation and quality!  

maandag 8 december 2014


English - Nederlands

Reviewing perfumes isn't easy at all. Try to explain a scent to your readers? 
Well, I'm going to take a shot at it since this perfume is a new favorite of mine. I smelled it last year at a friend, but I already had a perfume. After I finished that bottle, I bumped into to pill shaped 212VIP gold, which smells amazing. I completely forgot about this one, but when I was in the Inno Hasselt at the perfume section (Yes, I already finished my previous one) I fell in love again with Loverdose. The bottle symbolizes  a heart, stabbed with a dagger or an arrow and has beautiful shades of purple. The scent isn't easy to describe but it is very  sensual and sexy. 
Diesel Loverdose has molecules that stimulate the hypothalamus, a part in the brain that answer for lust and desire. The perfume has mandarin, star anise and lemon zest as top notes. 
The core exists out of jasmine, licorice and gardenia and the base exists out of vanilla, cedarwood, sandelwood and ambrox.
The scent is pretty strong so you don't have to use a lot of it and jet it doesn't fade away easily. 
You can find the bottles in three sizes: 
30ml - €39,50
50ml - €56,00
75ml - €69,50
These prices are based on the Ici Paris website , since the prices can be different at other places. Did you already know this scent?

vrijdag 5 december 2014

Fashion Friday - Sal Y Limon

English - Nederlands

Today is the first day of Fashion Friday! Let's just say that I'm going to try and post about a brand or item every Friday. Now let's see if i'm  able to do this. 
Today I'm writing about a beautiful bracelet from the brand Sal Y Limon. 
The Italian company makes pretty 'slave bracelets' in four different sizes. They all have a different color, design and model, which makes them unique. The bracelets are hand painted so you know they are of good quality. 
The existing collections are expanded twice a year with special designs and colors. These special editions make it very festive and makes it easier to expand your collection. 
The prices start from €12,95 which isn't bad at all. 
What do you  think about them?

maandag 1 december 2014

MAC - Ruby Woo

English- Nederlands

Mac lipsticks just keep surprising me! They have an amazing selection of colors and shades, which makes it very difficult to choose from. Luckily I always do so research and I always have a color in mind. 
A while ago I was looking for the perfect classic red lipstick. I was doubting between Russian red and Ruby Woo, but Ruby Woo looked better with my complexion. 
Ruby Woo is a  retro mat lipstick and feels really dry on the lips, you best apply a lip balm. Personally I don't mind that it feels dry, since you don't have to reapply it as often and you can use the lipstick longer. 
It does apply a bit difficult but once it's on your lips, it looks really beautiful. 
Also don't forget to smell your lipstick because I just love the sweet vanilla scent they have! 
You can find this classic red lipstick at you  local  Mac counter for €19,00

donderdag 27 november 2014

OGX - Argan oil of Morocco

English - Nederlands

A while ago I came in contact with the web shop 'Alles voor je uiterlijk'. They offered me to sent a package with products that I could try out. On November 6th I received my package with two products from OGX. I was very happy since it is something different than just make-up, like I always review. 
I've got really dry hair so a good shampoo and conditioner is a must for me. I've tried out different products but so far I like the Gliss kür ones the best. Now that I tried out this brand I have to say that I love these ones as well. 
The packaging is very pretty, fresh and colorful. It doesn't has a strong scent,which is a plus because I don't like those strong scents for my hair. The Moroccan argan oil  is a source of vitamin E and antioxidants. It protects your skin-and hair cells, gives it a nice shine, makesit really soft and also protects it against dryness. 
My hair feels really soft and has a light perfumed scent to it. It's also a lot less frizzy and dry, perfect! I'm very happy with these products and think they work just as great as the Gliss kür ones although i'm loving the packaging of these products a bit more. 
Maybe I should try out there hair mask? 
You can find these products at the DI, DIO and of course the webshop 'Alles voor je uiterlijk'.  

dinsdag 25 november 2014

Essence - Matt wanted and adorable matt

English - Nederlands

Today i'm  going to show you two lipsticks that I was testing out on request of a reader. 
A few weeks ago someone asked me if I could try out some matt lipsticks and mac immediately popped in my mind. Now since I  can understand that not everyone want's to spent €19,00 on a lipstick, I decided to go for a maximum budget of €10,00. 
In the Kruidvat I bumped into the essence section since they  are the perfect budget brand. 
Unfortunately they don't have a lot of matte colors, but 'Matt wanted' and 'Adorable matt' really popped out for me. 
The packaging of Essence feels really light and maybe a bit cheap, but as long as it stayes closed while travelling, I'm happy. It's a simple packaging, but has a colored ring around it so you  can tell what color it it. Now don't expect a perfect match with the lip color itself because, as you  can see on the picture below, it isn't always the case. 
Are you curious on my opinion of these lipsticks?

vrijdag 21 november 2014

Neutrogena - Nordic Berry

English - Nederlands

Winter is coming and it's starting to get pretty cold outside: time to hydrate your skin a bit more. 
Neutrogena has a new skincare line that is developed to raise the hydration level  three times more and brings stressed skin back to balans. 
It's beautysecret? Its Nordic formula with the power fruit Nordic Berry. This new line has five products to offer (Body lotion, Body balm, Hand cream, Foot cream and lip balm). They offer restoring and hydrating products. 
It's unique scent with the Nordic Berry helps with having a positive experience. It's a mild, pleasant scent that sinks in the skin, but is subtle enough so it doesn't overpower your favorite perfume.   
Curious about my opinion of these products? Keep reading!

zaterdag 15 november 2014

Dark Angels

English - Nederlands

Everyone of my friends and family know my skin can be very bad at moments. It used to be a lot worse but luckily for me its already better since I don't have as much stress as before. 
Not only less stress helped my skin, but also this amazing product from Lush. 
A month ago I went into lush, which smells amazing, looking for a new facial cleanser. The lovely young lady who helped me was the one who also helped me picking out some bath bombs, recommended 'Dark  angels' for my skin type. 
It sounds really cool, but when I opened the jar, I kinda freaked out
The scrub is black and of course I was a bit nervous that it would leave a black residue on my face. Luckily that is not the case. You just have to rinse your face with lukewarm water and it gets everything off. 
This product looks black since it contains charcoal. Jup,you read that right...charcoal. 
This ingredient absorbs all the excess oils, which is handy since I have an oily skin type. 
the Rhassoulmud (Say  what?) gives your skin a deep cleans and the brown sugar gives it a good, but soft, scrub. They also added some avocado-oil to make your skin feel really soft. 
The product has a fresh scent which makes applying it, very pleasant. I also don't think this scrub is to rough so I use this product 3 times a week. 
My skin hasn't had dramatic break-outs since I started using it and feels really clean and soft after using this. You don't have to use a lot, but you have to check the perishable date. 
I payed €9,90 for a jar of 100 gram and I've been using it for 3 months. 
Time to buy a new one! 

donderdag 13 november 2014

Catrice - Mattraction

English - Nederlands

If got another Lipstick ready today. Small obsession, but luckily this one wasn't expensive. 
Despite I love Mac lipsticks, I do love to try out budget lipsticks since you can find really good ones there. Like this lipstick. 
Catrice is a brand that sells excellent make-up for a decent price, and when I saw this color, I knew I had to get it. 
The packaging of Catrice is sleek and elegant and it stays closed really well so you lipstick can't open and smudge in your bag.  The color 'Mattraction' is a mat red-pinkish color, perfect for fall, winter and the holidays. I was having a bit of doubts if this lipstick would really be mat since it applied really smooth and felt really creamy. 
Despite being creamy, unlike the Mac lipsticks, it looks mat. You do have to reapply it more often due to its texture, but to be honest, I do not mind.
It's a beautiful color and when I was wearing this, I got a few compliments from people saying that it was a lovely lipstick that I was wearing... and that for only €3.99!  

donderdag 6 november 2014

Lush haul

Engels - Nederlands

Today I've got a small haul ready for you. 
Lush is a store that everyone should visit once and since there isn't a Lush in Limburg (Belgium), I went to the closest store in Maastricht. On Monday I visited lush already and I promised the salesgirl that I would come back the next day to buy some bath bombs. And of course I went back. 
Tuesday Melissa and me went to the Lush store and the salesgirl recognized me immediately. She probably didn't expected to see me and thought I was making a joke when I said that I would come back the next day... well no. 
I was thinking about buying bath bombs for a while and now Melissa had me convinced to buy some of the Christmas collection along with some basic once. 
In this post I will show you  which ones I bought and then, when I have used them all, I will tell you  if they are worth buying or not. 

zaterdag 1 november 2014

Halluber necklace

English - Nederlands

Yesterday was my final day at my internship in Leuven so I decided to buy myself a present (even though I'm going shopping on monday in Leuven). 
Sinds I did my internship on the clothes department, I walked past the brand Halluber pretty often. It's a brand that sells very beautiful and elegant clothes and lovely accessorizes. I was eyeing the necklaces for a while, but found it difficult to decide which one to take. 
With the help of a fellow colleague, I managed to pick this one, and I'm very happy with it. 
It's a big statement necklace with a decent quality, which is good since it costed €29,95. 
So what dod you think?  

donderdag 30 oktober 2014

MAC pro longwear concealer

English - Nederlands

Concealer isn't something that everybody loves to use, but since I've got these horrible dark circles and pimples and spots, I love using it. I was using a concealer from Rimmel for a while, which I absolutely loved, but I wanted to try out something new (Typical blogger?).
I was doubting between a concealer from MAC and Inglot, but I heard so many great comments and reviews about the MAC one that I just had to try it.
The packaging is made out of glass, which isn't everyone's favorite, but I like it and thinks it looks really chic. I also appreciate it that it has a pump so it's very hygienically to use. 
The texture is light and a bit watery but it blends out evenly and still manages to cover my dark  circles and spots.  
It doesn't feel thick on the skin and doesn't set in the fine lines under the eyes, a big plus for me. I do have to mention that it smells horrible. Ones you put it one you the smell is gone, but I still think it's a bit unpleasant. 
Still, that doesn't stop  me from using it because I really think it works great. 
Personally I think that €18 is a bit much for a concealer so I'm probably going to use this one and a few other budget ones. 
I would definitely repurchase  this product since it really does work for my dark circles!  

donderdag 23 oktober 2014

Revlon lipbutters - Pink Truffle and Raspberry Pie

English - Nederlands

Revlon is a brand that you can't find in Limburg (Belgium). I looked everywhere but unfortunately I had no luck. Since I'm following a course in Leuven I spotted a place where they sell Revlon  and I would stare, drool and of course also buy a few bits from them. 
I have heard great things about these lipbutters but never paid much attention  to it. I was expecting it to be like a tinted lipbalm but now that I own two of them I know it's not the case.The pigmentation is amazing so I was pleasantly surprised when trying them out. 
The packaging is very sturdy and isn't easy to open which is a good thing. I once had an open lipstick in my handbag and of course everything was pink on the inside. 
These lipbutters feel really soft and don't dry my lips. I do think that the color Raspberry Pie is a bit sticky but that's okay. When I had to choose a color I could not decide between Pink Truffle and Raspberry Pie so I thought, why not get them both. Pink Truffle is a natural color that looks a bit dark in the packaging, but it's a really lovely shiny nude color. 
Raspberry Pie is, despite being a bit sticky, my favorite. It's a lovely berry shade with a lot of shine.
Despite that I love my matt lipsticks more, I find these perfect to change things up once and a while.

woensdag 8 oktober 2014

Essence lipliner

English - Nederlands

Today I've got a budget tip for the students among us. 
As a student it isn't easy to spend a lot of money on make-up and it's just to much to pay €18,00 for a lipstick (even a mac one). 
Luckily I've got a cheaper alternative! Essence is a brand that never really appealed to me because of it's cheap looking packaging and because of the bad pigmentation of the eyeshadows. I can't say  anything bad about their nail polishes because these are really good, but the make-up isn't really my thing. 
A few weeks ago Melissa told me how much she liked these lip pencils so I decided to give them a try. They  were only €0.99 so it wasn't like I was going to waste a lot of money. 
The lasting finish is really amazing, even with a lunch break and drinking in between. I was very pleasantly surprised by these pencils and I bring them everywhere with me. 
Even though thy are lip pencils they don't dry my lips out like most of them do, but these feel really soft. 
Are you interested in the colors I chose? Keep  reading ! 

dinsdag 30 september 2014

Put a lid on it

English - Nederlands

I was looking for a good eye primer for a pretty long time. I  kept doubting between  a MAC paintpot or the eye base from Inglot and yet I ended up with another brand.
The balm is a brand that you couldn't find in Hasselt or even Limburg but finally a store opened up that sells The balm. 
I was very excited since I heard such good comments about there eyeshadows and blushes but I decided to give this eye primer a go first. The packaging is amazingly cute, like pretty much every packaging from this brand. 
Since I have very oily eyelids I wanted something that kept my eyeshadow from creasing. If the colors faded by the end of the day I wouldn't mind, I just wanted something against the ugly creasing. Even waterproof eyeliner runs out pretty fast and it was starting to get really annoying. 
Luckily I found this eye primer cause this thing really works! 
The consistency is difficult to describe... It feels like a light gel I would say. 
At first I thought it wasn't going to work but I applied eyeshadows from Sleek, which tend to crease very easily, and walked around the city for a few hours. 
At home no creasing was found and surprisingly not even my eyeliner had run out. It all looked as if I just did my eyemake-up! The pigmentation of the colors even  was the same. 
I'm so happy I bought this one cause this is still a lot cheaper than a MAC paintpot. 
I payed € 11,99 but had a discount. The original price is €14,99

donderdag 25 september 2014

All fired up

English - Nederlands

A good lipstick can change your entire look. This probably explains my lipstick addiction 
I still haven't found lipsticks that have a better quality than the MAC ones. The packaging just screams class and sophistication. Its simple, elegant without tralala and the smell of it when you open the lid is just amazing. I could smell my MAC lipsticks all day.   
I only had 3 colors in my possession and they are all different colors so when I saw All fired up I knew I didn't own a color like this one. 
The retro mat finish is also very knew to me cause I only have a cremesheen, satin and amplified one in my collection. I did hear great things about this finish so I was very excited to try this. 
The lasting finish is amazing. After a few hours, even  with drinking in between, it still looks as if freshly applied. 
This bright fushia  shade is perfect for summer but I also like this for a night out even during fall or winter. I do recommend wearing a lip balm underneath because this retro mat finish can be cruel and unflattering on dry lips. 
Now about the pigmentation: Wauw!  It's amazing how MAC continues to surprise me. With only 1 layer you get the perfect coverage! 
I have to say that I didn't expect anything less from MAC, but still, I'm always enthusiastic when I buy a lipstick from them  and the quality is even better then expected. 
For €18,00 you can pick this lipstick at a MAC counter.   

zaterdag 20 september 2014

Life's a peach

English - Nederlands

I think most of you know that my biggest addiction is lipsticks and blushes. A while ago I ordered something on the Misslipgloss shop and I just had to include a blush from sleek. 
I was doubting between 'Rose gold' and 'Life's a peach' but I went for the second one. 
It's a beautiful peachy color, perfect for summer but even if it get's colder it would still be pretty. 
On the pictures the blush looks really soft, but in real life I do think it looks a bit more bright orange-peachy. This blush has an amazing pigmentation, but if you blend well enough it looks natural. It does have a slight shimmer to it that gives your skin  a healthy glow. 
This peachy color is perfect for my almost white skin, so perfect for those pale people among us! 
The packaging is just as I was expecting, simple, elegant and stylish. Perfect for travelling or taking along with you in your handbag due to the small mirror on the inside. 
Can't wait to collect more blushes from sleek! I only paid €5,95 and you can order them from the Misslopgloss shop or on www.boozyshop.be

vrijdag 12 september 2014

MUA - undress me too

English - Nederlands

Today I've got the second edition from the MUA  undress me palette on the program. 
When I was in the Kruidvat I was doubting to  take both MUA palettes with me but in the end I only bought the first one. Of course I did regret this so I decided to buy the second one after my exams. 
I was really happy about the first palette since the pigmentation is really great. Only the mat shades aren't that pigmented in both of the palettes but with a primer it's not that bad. 
This palette mostly contains shimmery or satin colors that are really pigmented.
My personal favorites are the colors  'Exposed', 'Tranquil', 'Obsessed' and 'Naked'. 
Naked doesn't swatch very easily but I think this is the perfect brow bone color or highlighting color. 
The colors have a soft texture and are very easy to blend. When applying the glittery shades, you can get some fall-out, but you  can easily wipe it away with a tissue.
I'm very happy with  both palettes from MUA and I recommend buying these If you are a beginner in using make-up. 
The neutral colors are easy to combine and to create different looks and that for only €4.99. 

maandag 8 september 2014

Oeps - I went shopping

English - Nederlands

My finals are done and I promised myself to treat myself by going shopping.  The result: a big shoplog! 
I bought two pairs of black jeans at Only in Maastricht since Only has the perfect pants for me. They are super soft, have a bit of stretch and feel really comfortable. Unfortunately they did not have the perfect length for me so they are a bit to long. Luckily I can get this fixed at a tailor. 
Whenever I go to Maastricht I just have to visit Lush since there isn't a Lush store in Hasselt. 
I had to buy my beloved tea tree product and I also bought Dark  Angels. You can read a review from the tea tree here and I'm currently trying out Dark Angels!   
Up next I bought two basic tops and a 4pack of earrings at H&M. On the picture you can only see a basic black  top but I also bought it in dark grey. 
When I saw that there was a new store open called DI, I just had to take a look since I knew they sold The balm. I bought a basic make-up sponge and an eyeprimer from The balm. 
At The bodyshop they had this amazing deal that when you bought something for €35,00 you get a goodiebag with a price of €30,00... just could not let that get past me! 

woensdag 3 september 2014

Mememe - rouge

English -Nederlands

Mememe is a brand I started trying out recently and my first review wasn't that positive (Here). 
The packaging of these blushes remind me of the Benefit blushes so I was really curious about them. Unfortunately I don't have any blushes from  Benefit to compare but I can tell you if I like this one or not. 
The packaging is very cute and comes in a small square cardboard box  with a beautiful design. In  the lid you can find a small mirror which can come in handy sometimes. 
It also comes with a small brush but to be honest, I'm not a big fan of it. I don't like the way it applies the product and it doesn't feel comfortable in my hand. I prefer using my own brushes. 
The blush itself is a red color, like the name says.  It doesn't have a scent to it which I find very good. I don't like very sweet or chemical scents to my make-up products.  
It has a decent pigmentation with a light shimmer which gives a very natural effect without making you look all shiny. 
I do find this blush pretty though I grab my Sleek blushes or other blushes more then this one. 
Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful blush, but I think I expected something better from the brand Mememe. 
Still I recommend this blush if you are looking for a pretty blush with a beautiful packaging that doesn't cost a fortune. 
For €9,99 you can buy this one in the  Misslipgloss shop  and the blush also comes in different shades! 

zaterdag 30 augustus 2014

L'oreal - Le teint accord parfait

English - Nederlands

I may like trying out new foundations, but I really hate reviewing them. Let's be real, the before picture isn't that flattering most of the times...
Yet I had to tell you about this lovely foundation. 
Most foundations are to dark for my pale skin so I was looking for one that would give me great coverage and that wasn't to dark. I really need a good coverage since I have a lot of small scars and pigment spots on my face that I would love to hide. 
Normally I'm a maybelline girl, but I decided to  try something different and went for L'oreal. 
I'm a happy girl! This foundation gives me the perfect coverage without feeling to tick on the skin. With the right amound of blending, this foundation looks really natural without to much shine. No disco ball face for me! 
The texture is really light and liquid. With only half a pump I have enough to cover my entire face, but when you want that bit of extra coverage you can use more. This foundation is perfect for layering since it is very thin.
Another big plus is that my skin reacts really well to this foundation because my skin tends to act crazy with some products or new products. 
I'm definitely going to buy a back-up from this one, but of course I would love to try out other foundations as well. If anyone knows great foundations for pale skin, let me know! 
 For this foundation you pay €15,99.

zaterdag 23 augustus 2014

Pashmina pink

English - Nederlands

 I normally am a sucker for pretty packaging, but online I look more at the color and name of the product. I was pretty curious for the products from Mememe but like I said before, I don't buy stuff online. For my birthday Melissa (Melfortune) and Kim bought me a giftcard from the Misslipgloss webshop so I decided to give the Mememe products a go and bought two Items from them and today I'm reviewing a lipstick from them. 
This lipstick comes in a beautiful cardboard box. The packaging is inspired by goddess so on one side there is a sculpture of the godess, on the other side it has the name of the goddess which is "Selene" on my packaging, and on an other side there is a little explanation of that particular goddess. Since I do not have a photo of the explanation I decided to type the text that I got from the internet:    

'The celestial Selene, moon goddess gazed down with her soft halo shimmering;
 a silent beauty across the land.'

On the website I picked a dusty pink color named Pashmina pink, but the color is more pink and lighter than I expected. Not  that big of a deal because I like pinks for summer. 
Unfortunately this isn't a pretty pink color due to it's shine. You can see the result on the pictures. 
Despite the lipstick applied very smoothly and felt really soft I did wiped it away because it really wasn't my thing. Personally this is one of the biggest make-up mistakes I ever bought. I did look up some pictures and saw a few ones where Cynthia was wearing this color. It really suited her so lucky her! 
You only pay € 10,95 for this one but i'm not sure if I'm going to buy a lipstick from this brand again. 
What are you're experiences with Mememe lipsticks? 

maandag 18 augustus 2014

P2 - Make up base

English - Nederlands

Since April I've been trying out the make-up base from P2. 
I love the packaging since it is very handy due to it's hygienic pump, but also because it comes in a tube so you can cut the end open when it's "empty'. Now you don't waste any product.
The colorful packaging immediately stands out which I really like. Unfortunately I do not like the scent of this product. It smells pretty chemical, not exactly the type of scent you want to put on your face. But the main thing it how this product works and I have to say it does work. 
It makes my foundation last longer. My foundation has less shine during the day and doesn't glide of my face after a few hours. This primer also has an illuminating glow to it and you  can see it a bit peeking trough your foundation in real life. 
What I also liked was that my skin reacted really good to this product, because sometimes when I try something new, my skin just explodes. 
For only €3.95 I do think this works really well. Perfect for people on a budget! 

donderdag 14 augustus 2014

New in + update

English - Nederlands

And yet again i'm studying unfortunately. As i'm writing this, it's 20 minutes past 1 PM and I'm still am studying for economics. Caffeine is doing it's job perfectly,but that's oke since I really want to pass. Bring it on coffee and energy drink.  
I do have to say that I'm pretty happy the weather isn't that good so it's perfect for studying. 
This past month I've been contemplating on quitting with college and just start working instead, but I decided that I wanted to give my exams a go anyway... you never know. 
Everyone is saying that I have to push trough and keep studying but i'm just being realistic since I know I'm not the best student. I am pretty proud of myself that I decided not to quit without even giving it a go. 
Now something a bit more positive: A few days ago I placed an order on Misslipgloss where I bought two Mememe products and a sleek product. They delivered the products really fast. After only two days I received my package. Of course there will be reviews coming up! 

vrijdag 1 augustus 2014

July favorites

English - Nederlands

God I miss blogging, but due to my student job and my exams there isn't much time to relax. My spare time I spent with my boyfriend, friends or family but I don't even see them very often. School is a priority at the moment so I have to put my blog a side for now (until September 4th). I hope I will find the time to post a make-up look every once and a while, but I don't think I'm going to have much time. 
Today I wanted to share my favorites with you. 
Let me start of with this foundation from L'oreal. 
I was looking for a new foundation for a while now that wasn't to dark and after a while I decided to buy this one. It still is a bit to dark but with a bit of light concealer it isn't that noticeable.
I'm not going to tell you  everything about this one yet, since I'm planning to write a full review on  this one. 

vrijdag 25 juli 2014

Summer ready with Wilkinson

English - Nederlands

Summer may be almost over but soft legs are a must the entire year. 
We are always looking for simple razor blades which gives you the perfect soft legs.
A while ago I got these razor blades send to me and today i'm going to tell you a bit more about them.  

vrijdag 18 juli 2014

What's in my make-up bag - Camping edition

English - Nederland 

Today I'm going to show you what's inside my make-up bag, but only this time it's what I'm going to bring with me to the Ardennen. When this post goes online, I'm probably already there but I thought it would be interesting to show you what make-up I bring with me when I go camping. 
Personally I love looking as natural as possible when I go on an adventure in the Ardennen. 
A light BB-cream is a must for me. 
Since most BB-creams are to dark for me and don't cover all my imperfections like pimples or scars, I do like to take a concealer with me. Perfect to cover op those dark circles when you stayed up all night. A light blush comes in handy to give your face a bit more color and pouder is perfect to make your face less shiny. I also decided to bring an eyeshadow palette with me, you never know right? 
MUA was my first choice since it's cheap but has an amazing pigmentation. The colors are neutral so easy to wear. A waterproof mascara is the best option to take with me since I will be swimming a lot. 
Last but not least I decided to bring two lipsticks with me. One has a glossy  finish and is pinkish-neutral and the other one is bright pinkish red for a pop of color. 
Of course I'm also bringing my babylips but I thought it would be fun to bring lipsticks with me. 
What make-up do you take with you when you go camping ? 

woensdag 16 juli 2014

Inglot - eyeshadow 452

English - Nederlands

Finally a new blog! Due to my busy schedule I haven't blogged in a while and when I wanted to blog and take pictures, my SD-cart broke ...typically. 
Luckily I bought a new SD-cart and I have a bit more time to take pictures and write blogs!  

A while ago I bought my first product by Inglot. I have heard lots of people rave about this brand but now I could finally buy a product to try out myself. 
After deciding between the pigments and the eyeshadows I decided to buy an eyeshadow. 
Even though Inglot doesn't name it's products, I don't mind, it's about the quality.
As you  are able to see, I went for a purple color and I have to say that I'm very happy with this. 
It's the perfect color to create a purple smokey eye without having a lot of fallout. 
For €5,00 you can buy just the shadow and for €12,00 you can buy the little magnetic box. 
Of course  you can buy palettes to fill but I'm the type of person who likes to try out the products before investing in a palette and different eyeshadows! 
I do hope to post an eyelook with this eyeshadow soon but i'll keep you posted ! 

woensdag 2 juli 2014

If the shoe fits

English - Nederlands

After a big disappointment when it comes to shoe shopping in Primark, I decided to look for a fun pair in Maastricht. I love shoes, especially high heels but I don't buy them often since they have to fit perfectly. 
These heels were love at first sight when I saw my friend try these one. She didn't mind me trying them on as well and so I did... Hello beauties. 
My friend wanted to buy the nude with rose gold details instead of the black ones with silver but they weren't in her size. Now we both have the same shoes but we don't mind. The were to beautiful to leave behind. 
Despite the fact that I promised to myself to buy a different color than black I really wanted these and so I just had to buy them. 
These babies costed only € 29,95 and are really comfortable! I think I can walk in these for hours!  

zondag 29 juni 2014

P2 - Mulholland drive

English - Nederlands

Most already know I have an obsession with lipsticks. Still I thought I managed to keep myself together in Germany by only buying 5 new lipsticks.
P2 is a very budget friendly brand and since you can't buy this in Belgium, I decided to buy a few products from  this brand. 
Today I'm going to show you this lovely spring/summer lipstick.
I can't say much about the packaging except the shape is different then most lipsticks and it's completely silver. What I think is important is that the packaging is sturdy and the lid stays on really well. With some drugstore lipsticks the lid comes of quite easily but not with this one so... no stains in my purse!
The color has a beautiful pigmentation. More than I ever imagined to be honest! And it just glides on so smoothly. I also love that the color doesn't fade that quickly. Even after eating or drinking you can still  see the lovely color (although I do recommend to reapply the color for a better pigmentation). 
I also like that the lipsticks from P2 are scentless. No delicious vanilla scents like MAC or KIKO and no smelly chemical scents luckily!  
I think this color will be perfect for summer so I will probably wear this one pretty often! 

woensdag 25 juni 2014

New in - Primark goodies

English - Nederlands

Yesterday I went to Primark in Eindhoven with three friends. For me it was the first time going there but I thought that a Primark with 4 floors would have some nice stuff. 
Let's say that I was a bit dissapointed. I didn't saw that many tops or T-shirts and the ones I did liked didn't look good on me. To bad but so be it. 
I was hoping that the shoes, bags and accessories were better but I wasn't very impressed. They did had beautiful heels but unfortunately my size was always sold out. Even thought I didn't saw that many items that I liked I did managed to score some bits ! 

vrijdag 20 juni 2014

Kiko - Crimson red

English - Nederlands

How big can someone have a lipstick obsession? 
In my case pretty big. 
The lipsticks from Kiko have a simple and chique packaging. Even though the lipsticks from YSL look very classy, a simple packaging is always a good choice.
This lipstick  has a raspberry or magenta color. It's definitely a color that pops so  I  prefer combining this with a neutral eye look. 
Since the other lipstick I had was really pigmented, I was expecting the same with this one. 
Unfortunately you have to apply this lipstick twice to get a very pigmented color cause otherwise you will see a bit of your own color peek trough it. 
Personally I do not mind applying it more then once but I can understand that some of you might not like that. 
This lipstick applies really smooth and doesn't dry out your lips, which is definitely a big plus. 
Let us also not forget about the lovely smell. Mac copy alarm !  
When I smell this lipstick I immediately think about the vanilla scent that Mac lipsticks have.
Just lovely. 
Crimson red is a beautiful color, perfect for summer and is easy to combine. The price itself is also very  good. For only €3,90 you can buy this in the Kiko store or via the website (Here).

maandag 16 juni 2014

New in - Purses and perfume

English - Nederlands

Purses - The obsession from most women and of coarse it includes me. Unfortunately I'm the black and plain type, so my collection of purses is pretty much the same (except for my grey Zara purse).
This funky one I got from a friend, who isn't my friend anymore, but still... 
She had this laying around in her closet because it wasn't her style so she decided to give it to me. I believe this clutch is from H&M so it probably coasted €14.95 like most clutches from  H&M. 
Despite the fact that the friendship is over, I still want to try and combine this clutch with an outfit. 
Then there is perfume. I don't get the whole 'let's spend loads of many on just one perfume' to be honest. I already blogged about my love for the Zara perfumes which are pretty cheap and have a decent quality but when I smelled a perfume sample from the VIP rosé perfume, I just loved it! Yet, I bought the golden one. A friend of mine had this one with her and it smelled so good, I knew I had to have it. 
The scent is secy and feminine without being to sweet or heavy. 
Last but not least there is my new black top from Morgan. It fits perfect for my body type and hides a belly. It's pretty simple with a small detail on the shoulder. 
Elegant and Simple, just the way I like it.