vrijdag 31 januari 2014

Estée Lauder - Insatiable

English - Nederlands

Estée Lauder. A beautiful, luxurious packaging with a not so small  price tag. And mostly it's the price tag that keeps me from buying something. 
When you are a student, it's not easy to spent €36,00 on a lipstick, eyeshadow or mascare because in the end you only pay for the fancy name and packaging. 
It's not because it's high end that it's better than drugstore (sometimes it is). I think that you can also find drugstore products with the same quality as the high end ones. 
Yet, when I saw this beautiful nail polish with a 50% discount, I could not resist buying it. 
It was the last one and it even was my favorite color... call it faith. 
Now about the nail polish there isn't much to talk about. 
The pigmentation is perfect after two layers, it dries quickly and it is a beautiful color. 
You could describe the color as a beautiful grayish, purple color. 
I'm very happy with this nail polish and I think that I will purchase more of this brand, with or without discount. 
The original price it €21,00 so I bought mine for €10.50

donderdag 30 januari 2014

Bouganville pastello

English - Nederlands

What a name for a lipgloss: Bouganville Pastello. A mouth full and not that easy to remember. 
Normally i'm not that into lipglosses. I believe I only have 4 which isn't that much for a make-up lover. I guess i'm not that big of a fan from the shiny, watery finish and mostly they are to sticky for me.
I was hoping that this one from Collistar would be better since it isn't that cheap (specially for a lipgloss). 
The disappointment was pretty huge when this one was just as sticky as most of them. The color also looks nicely pigmented in the tube, but not on the lips. 
Luckily I bought this one in sale so it was only €5,00 in stead of €18,40.  

dinsdag 28 januari 2014

Birthday gifts + mini haul

English - Nederlands

Today I'm going to show you my birthday gifts. 
On Friday I went to dinner with some friends and of course they all wanted to buy me something. I'm so happy with everything they god me even though I didn't ask for anything. 
From my familie (parents, sister, grandma, aunt and uncle) I got some money which I used to buy a new phone and to put on my bank account (Need to save some money right?). 
My phone needed to be replaced since I was in constant fear that I would not get it on again if the battery died.   
My boyfriend wanted to buy me something as well, but since I didn't came up with something, he decided to keep the money for another time. 
On Saturday I went shopping with a friend. I was hoping that the Zara shop was open in Maastricht since it was under construction in Hasselt. I kinda made a huge wishlist from the online webshop, so when the store in Maastricht was closed as well I was very dissapointed. 
Since basically everything I wanted to try was from Zara, I didn't buy much. Just a Jeans, two T-shirts, a necklace, a pair of earrings and a nailpolish. 
On Saturday I also went out for dinner with my boyfriend. And then Sunday came...  My birthday.  

zaterdag 25 januari 2014

January favorites

English - Nederlands 

Even though the month isn't done yet, I already want to share my favorites. 
Otherwise I will forget this again.. 
Since I don't have that much make-up, it's possible that one of these products has been in one of my favorites before. If I love something, it will be my favorite product forever. 

woensdag 22 januari 2014

A little bit of shopping

English - Nederlands

Sorry for the lack of blogs lately. 
I've been busy with school and arranging thing for my birthday, and when I do find time to blog, it's to dark outside to make beautiful pictures.
Can't wait till the sun comes back to Belgium. 
Now I did do a little shopping. Not much cause i'm going shopping Saturday for my birthday (if I find somthing).
The Clinique box I bought for only €9.95 at Ici paris and the cashier gave me a lot of samples, also from Clinique. 
The furry socks are from Newlook for €2.00 and the two little notebooks are from HEMA for only €2.75 each. 

zaterdag 18 januari 2014

Flower perfection

English - Nederlands 

Last time I went to Maastricht with a friend to buy a pair of black jeans and of course we couldn't help our self to go into Ici Paris. 
There were a few bins with discounted products, this foundation included. 
The flower perfection youth extension foundation from Bourjois comes in a  beautiful glass container with a little sponge to apply it with. 
I think it's nice and  easy that this foundation has a pump so it's very hygienic to work with.
Now the sponge in the lid, is something that I'm not to exited about. I prefer my brushes to blend my foundation. 
About the foundation: this one is very pigmented so it covers pretty much all my blemishes and even my dark circles. 
On the picture below i'm only wearing my foundation, no concealer, blush or powder. 
You can see that it is also a mat foundation, which is pretty good for  my oily skin. 
It has a fresh scent to it but it's not overpowering, which is a good thing for me. 
Now the only downside I can come op with is that since i've started to use this, I started to break out more. My face has more impurities and imperfections than before. 
It feels like my skin can't breath when I'm wearing this which is really sad because I liked the finish of this one. 
For me this foundation is a no-go but I will use this one special occasions when I need that little bit extra coverage.
For those who want to try this, you can get this at any drugstore for €14.90  

donderdag 16 januari 2014

Smokey brun

English - Nederlands

I love experimenting with  eyeshadows, but  i'm not really handy with applying it. 
Since I loved the lipsticks and foundation I decided to try out their eyeshadow quad. 
The colors of this palette were totally my thing. Neutral browns are always nice to have because it suits everybody and you can create so many different looks. 
Last time, when I bought the lipsticks, I was so happy with them but this quad is kinda disappointing. 
I was hoping that these colors were really pigmented, just like the lipsticks but unfortunately you have to use so many product to  get good color payoff. 
The lightest shades were so badly pigmented that I had to push my finger very hard on the product to come off. 
I really liked the colors so I'm a bit disappointed. Also these shades have a lot of fall out so they are really difficult to work with (especially the dark ones). 
I don't think i'm going to buy an other palette from Rimmel but I am going to continue to use this one. 
You can buy this one in a drugstore. I bought mine in Kruidvat for 10.99€. 

zondag 12 januari 2014

Birthday wishlist

English - Nederlands

The big 21 is coming closer. 26th January is the day. 
God i'm feeling old, and yes I know i'm not old at all, but it just feels like it. 
Making a wishlist wasn't as easy as I thought, and i'm probably going to buy most of the items myself, just to treat myself. I think I even spend two hole days on thinking what I should get. Few of these items are also going to be sale items and also birthday items in one. 
My friends know they don't have to buy me anything, I just want to have a good time with them. 
And if they buy something, they  will get something back when it's their birthday (makes sense doesn't it?). 
Oh and the chocolate cake is something I know i'm going to get! Can't wait for that! 

Now let's get on to the wishlist.

vrijdag 10 januari 2014

The beauty blogger tag

English - Nederlands

1. Is your hair naturally straight or curly?
I've got very fluffy hair. I usually straighten it and sometimes I try to curl it. 
If I could choose, I would go for pretty curls.  Unfortunately my hair never stays curly which is pretty disappointing.  

donderdag 9 januari 2014

Garnier pure active

English - Nederlands
Today i've got something different on the program after all those holidays. 
During the holiday's I wear a lot more make-up than usual and then I  also notice a huge difference in my skin. I got a lot more impurity's than normally and I also have a more oily skin now that i've been using so much make-up. 
I've been looking for a great cleaning gel and when I found one from Garnier, I didn't know it had a bit of scrub in it. Nothing on the packaging mentioned that it was more of a scrub than a gel so I was a bit surprised.
Nonetheless I still wanted to try this one to get my face as clean as possible during those holidays. 
I have to say, my skin felt great ! 
The scrub really cleaned every bit of my face and made it feel really so soft and smooth. 
I also love that this scrub doesn't have any strong or chemical scents. It rater smells fresh and pleasant. 
I've been using this scurb for the past month and it really keeps the skin acné free. 
I really recommend this lovely scrub and it only costs €5,99.  

woensdag 8 januari 2014

A little bit of color

English - Nederlands

My love for jewelry is for most of my friends a big fact. 
It just gives a little extra to a basic outfit. 
From statement necklaces to delicate bracelets to ear cuffs, I wear it all. When I last won a giveaway from Melissa from Melfortune, I got the chance to chose my personal favorite. 
This definitely wasn't easy since they had so many beautiful ones. 
I decided to make a top 3 and made my boyfriend chose his personal favorite. He chose a rose gold bracelet with an arrow an stupid me, I send Melissa the wrong one. 
To me it's not a big problem because I liked all 3 of them but I was expecting the color of the leather a bit more red. Now it's more bright orange but I still think it's very pretty! 
Here's a link to my bracelet: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=211229549050291&set=a.165807760259137.1073741826.165805133592733&type=3&theater

dinsdag 7 januari 2014

Vintage pink

English - Nederlands

Lipsticks and blushes, I just love them. 
I think they can transform  an entire look and face. It's perfect for people who aren't good with eyeshadows  also known as ME. 
Blending eyeshadows isn't my strongest point and when I do a smokey eye I quickley begin to look like a raccoon... very attractive I know. So I personally prefer a winked eyeliner, mascara and a pretty lipstick and blush. 
I love bright and very dark colors during the evening but during the day I love a subtle color. Nudes are perfect to enhance your natural lip color but most of them are to pale of to pink for me. 
When I saw this beautiful shade from Rimmel, I really wanted to try it. Vintage pink is a beautiful pink, a little darker than usual but still nude enough for me. Also a huge plus is that it doesn't contain any glitters so it looks less like child make-up. 
I love the pigmentation and the fact that it also moisturizes the lips is another plus. I'm very pleased with this lipstick and even though I only have 2 out of this collection, I know i'm going to get more. 

maandag 6 januari 2014

A nice place to shop - My wishlist

English - Nederlands

Lately i've been visiting online web shops more often. Even though I don't buy anything online I love taking a look around. Last time I stumbled upon www.persunmall.com a very nice online shop with clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry. I think I spended more than an hour looking at their beautiful stuff so I decided to make a wishlist ! 

zondag 5 januari 2014

A fun night out

English - Nederlands

Last friday I went out for drinks with my best friend in Hasselt.  We decided to dress up a bit more than usual and put on or highest heels. I went for an all black outfit since I just love wearing black. At first I wanted to let my hair down and maybe even curl it but when it started to storm outside, I decided to put it in a high ponytail. 
For my make-up I decided to keep it natural en light. During the holidays I went all glamorous so I wanted something more subtle this time. I combined a pretty light smokey eye with my new nude lipstick from Rimmel.
Hope you all had a great weekend ! 

zaterdag 4 januari 2014

Vitamine E eyecream als 3de posten

English - Nederlands

Eyecream. How the hell do you review such a product? 
It's the first time trying an eye cream so I wanted to stay budget proof. In kruidvat I spotted this lovely glass container which, just like the tea tree, reminded me of the old days and old movies. 
To be honest, I wasn't expecting much of this. I mean: how is it possible that an €2,50 eye cream is going to help me? 
To clear things out: this cream isn't anti-aging or helps pervading wrinkles, but it's suppose to help with dark circles and puffy eyes. 
Unfortunately it doesn't do anything for me. I still have dark circles   (thank god for concealer), but they are still visible. I am going to keep using this product because I do think it feels very fresh under my eyes, but if you want a really good eye cream I would not recommend this. 

vrijdag 3 januari 2014

My love for tea tree als 2de

English - Nederlands 

I love tea tree. Everyone knows this by now and I will never deny it. 
My love for tea tree began when I bought a small bottle in Lush en it made my skin so smooth and acné free. 
So for me it isn't simple to get to Lush because I have to take the bus. I don't mind taking the bus (I take it daily), but an hour driving for a small bottle is a little to much for me. So when I went to Kruidvat, I saw this tea tree bottle , which reminded me of the old days, I really wanted to try this. 
I was hoping that this cheaper alternative would be just as good as the one from Lush and I have to say, it is!
It cleans my skin really well and I still haven't got any pimples or blackheads since I've been using this. I do have to say that the smell can be a problem  for some, since it smells like a disinfectant. I personally don't mind the sent, especially for only €1,99. 

donderdag 2 januari 2014

Sloane's plum

English - Nederlands 

A while ago is was looking around in Kruidvat and saw this lipstick from Rimmel.
I've read a few positive reviews but when I went to take a look earlier, I didn't liked the colors. Luckily they finally added a few more colors this time.
So when I saw this vampy color and swatched it,  I knew I had to get it.
This lipstick has SPF 20, vitamins A, C and E which is good for moisturizing the lips.
Now about the packaging: I love it!  Purple is my favorite color so I think this is so cute. The packaging is very sturdy, bright and yet very simple.
Now, I can't say much about the color but it's a very deep dark purple shade and it's very pigmented . Because this color is very moisturizing it does fade away pretty quick but personally I don't mind applying this beauty few times a day.
I also think the price is very good for this lovely lipstick: €10.99