donderdag 30 januari 2014

Bouganville pastello

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What a name for a lipgloss: Bouganville Pastello. A mouth full and not that easy to remember. 
Normally i'm not that into lipglosses. I believe I only have 4 which isn't that much for a make-up lover. I guess i'm not that big of a fan from the shiny, watery finish and mostly they are to sticky for me.
I was hoping that this one from Collistar would be better since it isn't that cheap (specially for a lipgloss). 
The disappointment was pretty huge when this one was just as sticky as most of them. The color also looks nicely pigmented in the tube, but not on the lips. 
Luckily I bought this one in sale so it was only €5,00 in stead of €18,40.  

xoxo Jana

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