woensdag 26 februari 2014

Solden.be start it's own blog

English - Nederlands

Earlier you could read a blog about www.solden.be  (only in Dutch here). At this site you can read about different discount codes you can use at online shops.This website is a huge succes in Belgium and Holland because now they also made their own blog www.solden.be/dailysolden. On this site they publish blogs with all kinds of subjects. 
These  are all categorized in:   
- The latest trends
- Gift ideas
- Saving tips
- News and facts

Personally I love the category trends and saving tips which are lovely to  read. 
I posted my 5 favorite blogs so you can always take a look at the link (do remember that they blog in Dutch) 

I like collars a lot but I never wear collard shirts because I find them uncomfortable.
For the collar lovers, you can take a look here:  Blog collars

maandag 17 februari 2014

Persunmall - Vintagelook earings

English - Nederlands

Today another article about Persunmall
Like I wrote before, I received a few items from Persunmall (first review you can read here). I was very pleased about everything I got, including these lovely earrings. 
When I saw these earrings on their website, I knew I had to buy these. And so I did...
The earrings look pretty vintage to me. 
Exactly like the site says, which is a huge plus for me. They don't feel to heavy or look fake. Only the big red diamond looks a bit fake from close-up, but that's not a disaster so I don't mind.
I'm very pleased I bought these because they are so different from everything I have. 
They were only €3.48 which is a really good deal ! 

zaterdag 8 februari 2014

Wildflower honey - KHROMA

English - Nederlands

Today another lip gloss. 
As I said before, i'm not that big of a fan of lip gloss which is something that not many people know. 
When I got this lip gloss for my birthday, I wasn't dissapointed because it might surprise me in a positive way. This lip gloss is from KHROMA or basically the Kardashian sisters and looks very luxurious and chique because of it's rose gold details. I'm a big fan of the packaging! 
The color itself is just simple nude, which looks good on everybody. It doesn't contain any glitters which for me is a plus since I don't really like glitters on my lips. The color is also not that pigmented but looks really natural. 
I have to mention the texture. The reason why I don't love lip glosses is mostly because it has such a sticky feel  to it but this one doesn't. It's not sticky but it feels really smooth  and soft on the lips. Very pleased with the packaging and texture and color but the smell on the other hand... 
I don't know how the describe it, but it has such a heavy and unpleasant sent to it. Kinda like honey but not as sweet. Not really my kinda smell. 
Despite the fact that I don't like the scent, I will use this one for during the day since it is a pretty color. This lip gloss comes in a little set for €17,95 

excuse the lack of good pictures but the lighting is so bad these days... so it really wasn't easy to take great pictures or swatches

woensdag 5 februari 2014

Zara wishlist

English - Nederlands

I've been making so many list lately and wishlist probably the most! 
I'm not going to get everything, maybe even nothing but these are just my favorite items from the Zara website at the moment. 
I love looking around on online webshops and lately I find that Zara has a lot of beautiful stuff. Mostly I search around for bags, shoes or accessory's since I don't really like to shop clothes online. 
Yet, I have managed to find a few clothing items. 
Of course I wanted to check out these items in the store but it seems like everywhere near me, the store is under construction... typical. 
At least I'll save some money. 

maandag 3 februari 2014

Persunmall - Rhinestone bracelet

English - Nederlands

A while ago, Persunnmall asked me to check out their site and they allowed me to buy a few items. 
After snooping around for a while and doubting between the many different items, since they have so much, I finally made a choice. 
One of the items I ordered was this bracelet. 
This bracelet has a lot of silver diamonds, which are fake of course, but still look really beautiful. 
It looks very elegant around the wrist, so it's appropriate for fancy dinners or dates or something like this. 
You can compare the quality to H&M, Berska, Six, ... so it's certainly not bad. 
For only €3,09 it has a very good quality. 
I'm very happy with this bracelet, though it did take some time to get here. 
Probably since it had to come all the way from Hong Kong ?