woensdag 26 maart 2014

Lush - Vanishing cream

English - Nederlands

A while ago Melissa and I went to the re-opening  from  the Lush store in Antwerp. 
There we got the chance to pick one product of choice to review it. 
Today i'm showing you my choice: Vanishing cream

This moisturizer is good for people with a greasier skintone like me. My skin gets shiny pretty fast which makes my foundation disappear  quit quickly. Luckily for me, I found this product.
After using it for a month or so, i'm almost half way the jar so I think you can use it for a month or 2, maybe 3 before it runs out. Not that bad I think. 
The product smells a bit like lavender which I didn't like at the beginning, but  it get's better after using it. I actually am starting to like the scent. 
My skin feels soft and totally not sticky. I also have the feeling that my skin produces less pimples since i've been using this cream, at least that's what people tell me. 
This product is also suppose to be a bit of a primer. Your foundation should last longer but not because it is a primer, but because it makes your skin less greasy. 
I noticed that my foundation actually stays on for a bit longer than usual. 
I really love this product but I did found a little downside about it. It's not so  hygienically as using a tube or a pump since u have to stick your fingers in the product. I  love the use the end of a spoon to get some product out so I don't transfer bacteria through the product. 
This product is available in Lush and coasts : 27,40€  for 45g. 

zondag 9 maart 2014

Persunmall - Punk sapphire necklace

English - Nederlands

Today I've got another item that I received from  Persunmall up for you all. 
I love big statement necklaces (big shock) so of course I had to buy one from them, just to check out the quality. 
The last two items I got from Persunmall were pretty good en very nicely made so I was hoping this wouldn't disappoint me.  
The necklace is pretty light and feels pretty cheap. It also makes some noise when you have it on. 
The spikes keep turning around constantly and sometimes it hurts a bit when a spike pricks my skin. Not a nice feeling. I also think this necklace will leave a green layer when you sweat but that is just always the case with cheap jewelry. I do think I found the solution for that problem but I have to try it out first, but to keep the spikes on it's place I don't know what to do.  I really love the necklace but I don't think I'm going to wear it as much as I hoped. 
For only €3,09 I don't think you have a lot to complain.
This Punk Sapphire Neclace is still available.

woensdag 5 maart 2014

NEW: Zara bag

English - Nederlands

Yes, I have a new handbag. Do you notice my addiction? 
Lately i'm obsessed with smaller purses, preferably nice structured models. 
Luckily my boyfriend knows I love handbags so last he took me to the Zara to buy me a handbag that I could choose. 
The reason I got this one is actually pretty funny. So  my boyfriend is trying to quit smoking and when he asked me for a cigarette (I had them in my purse - I don't smoke), I told hem he could have one if he bought me a purse. 
Little did I know he was actually going tot buy me one?!
Of course I bought him something as well, since I thought is was so sweet of him. Such a sweetie he is and i'm so happy with my purse!
The handbag itself is rather small. It may look big on photo but it's actually only 20 x 27 x 11cm. 
Not very handy for bringing your laptop to school or carrying books, but perfect for shopping or grabbing a cop of coffee. 
I decided to go for the gray color  since I have so many (actually only) black purses. In the store the also had the oxblood red one and the dark blue one (the black one is only online). The model is called 'Little city bag office' and costs €39.95. 
Here's a link to the bag: city bag.

maandag 3 maart 2014

EVENT: reopening Lushstore Antwerp

English - Nederlands

On Friday 21st February, Melissa and I went to the opening of the Lush store in Antwerp. 
Our day  started of pretty hectic since we first had to give a presentation in class. We decided to go first so we could catch our train  to Antwerp. After hearing all the positive and a few negative comments, we could pack our stuff and head to the train station. During the ride some strange guy came and sit right next to me, listened to my conversation  with Melissa and then started talking to us... Awkward. 
When we arrived in Antwerp, we had to stop by Starbuck (not that impressed with the drinks), and then headed out to Lush. 
The store looked beautiful with all  the wooden details. 
In the store, we were welcomed by a 'banana' which was a woman dressed as a banana. I thought it was cool and different then just basic clothes. 
At the entry the woman guided us to the back of the store, where we were offered drinks and some fruitsticks since we had VIP-cards. After that we got a tour around the store and the woman tested some products on our hands and give us some explanations of the products. 
Next we got some time to take some pictures and   try out other products. 
We also got the chance to pick out one product of choice for free. I decided to keep it with that free product and didn't buy something else since I didn't really needed something. I went for a moisturizer which i'm going to review as soon as possible. I do regret not getting the ultrabland since I really liked it when the 'banana' tested this on my hand. Maybe next time ? Up next i've got a lot of pictures from the event so  if there are some questions, feel free to ask!