woensdag 5 maart 2014

NEW: Zara bag

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Yes, I have a new handbag. Do you notice my addiction? 
Lately i'm obsessed with smaller purses, preferably nice structured models. 
Luckily my boyfriend knows I love handbags so last he took me to the Zara to buy me a handbag that I could choose. 
The reason I got this one is actually pretty funny. So  my boyfriend is trying to quit smoking and when he asked me for a cigarette (I had them in my purse - I don't smoke), I told hem he could have one if he bought me a purse. 
Little did I know he was actually going tot buy me one?!
Of course I bought him something as well, since I thought is was so sweet of him. Such a sweetie he is and i'm so happy with my purse!
The handbag itself is rather small. It may look big on photo but it's actually only 20 x 27 x 11cm. 
Not very handy for bringing your laptop to school or carrying books, but perfect for shopping or grabbing a cop of coffee. 
I decided to go for the gray color  since I have so many (actually only) black purses. In the store the also had the oxblood red one and the dark blue one (the black one is only online). The model is called 'Little city bag office' and costs €39.95. 
Here's a link to the bag: city bag.

xoxo Jana 

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