woensdag 30 april 2014


English - Nederlands

Today it's time for a fun lip color. In Germany, Melissa and I spotted the brand Manhattan and I first planned not to buy anything since I already had a pretty big amount of make-up. But when I saw this lovely shade, I just could not resist. 
It's a funky red color with pinkish undertones. I was expecting it to be a bright color but not as neon as it turned uit. 
It applies very soft and smooth and stays on pretty well. Not the best lipstick because after drinking or eating something, the lipstick tend to go of. So unless you don't mind applying your lipstick multiple times a day, I would not suggest this one. 
It's not my personal favorite but I do plan on wearing this one during spring and summer since it is just an amazing color. 
It was only €3.99 which isn't bad. Perfect for students on a budget. 

zondag 27 april 2014

Demak-up package

English - Nederlands

A few days ago I received this fun package from Demak-up en today I wanted to share with you what's in it. For starters, I received 4 facelooks. I'm suppose to recreate one of these with my own personal touch to it, and than test the products to see if they really work. It also came with an USB and another big paper. It explains how you can win getting your blog published in a Belgium magazine. I liked that they added your blog name on the paper so it looks more personal. 
Now on to the products. 
Luckily for me they added a bunch of cotton pads, cause mine are gone again... 
I'm also happy that they  gave some make-up wipes because these can come in handy when I'm to lazy to remove my make-up and scrub my face and so on ... 
I think it's great that they came in two different sets: the wipes for sensitive skin or the newest line from Demak-up, the expert line. 
Same goes to the eye make-up remover pads. Very handy that they gave the two different lines so you can compare them and see whats best for you. 
Last but not least: they also added the expert eye make-up remover. 
There will be an extended review about these products somewhere next week! 

dinsdag 22 april 2014

Beauty haul - Germany

English - Nederlands

I was planning on buying a lot of make-up in Germany from brands we don't have in Belgium and personally I think I did a pretty good job. It's not the huge amount my shopping buddy Melissa bought, but still a lot. 
I was planning to buy the entire Kiko store emptie but unfortunately I didn't saw as much as I hoped.  I was a bit dissapointed because online they seem to sell much more. 
In the DM I decided to buy P2, a brand which I heard lot's about, but haven't seen before since it's not available in Belgium. 
You can ask me what product you want to review me first!  

vrijdag 18 april 2014

Food en clothing haul - Germany

English - Nederlands

My first haul from Germany. I have to say that I didn't spend as much as I thought. 
I really love fashion and i'm constantly looking around on blogs for cool outfits and inspiration, but since I do have so body-issues I have to deal with first, I hardly ever buy clothing. I love shoes and bags but in Germany I didn't saw any I really liked so I opted for T-shirts. 
The first two are really basic and easy to wear with everything. 
The last two are more dressy or have a cute detail. 
I also bought some food items. Not that i'm going to eat this all in one week... 

woensdag 16 april 2014

My first vlog

English - Nederlands

I'm a pretty huge fan of youtube. Hauls,tutorials, but especially video diaries. 
Personally I think it's fun to watch what your idols are doing in their spare time, where they hang out or what they like to eat or drink. Not so I can copy them, but just because I find it interesting to see they are just like us. 
I've been thinking about vlogging for a while now but it scares me to talk in front of a camera. I hate hearing my voice on film.
When I went to Germany Melissa encouraged me to go for it and so I did. I did deleted the audio and added in some music so it was a bit of a win-win situation for me. 
I didn't manage to film my entire week but I do have quite some footage that I would like to share. 
Feel free to take a look at my vlog from Montabaur! 

xoxo Jana

maandag 14 april 2014

Up the amp - MAC

English - Nederlands

After all these post about Germany, I think it's time for a new review. 
This lipstick I bought over a month ago. I was drooling over this lipstick color for a while but kept postponing buying it because €18,50 is a lot of money for just a lipstick. 
But gosh this one is so pretty and everytime I passed the mac store, it kept calling my name. 
This purple shade lipstick is part of the amplified selection so the color is very pigmented. It applies as smooth as butter and doesn't crease in the fine lines of your lips. 
I can't say anything bad about this product or the packaging. It's elegant, simple and just like a mac lipstick should look like. 
The lipstick itself has this lovely smell ... like vanilla. 
Despite that it is a very purple color, I do wear it more often than my MAC rebel lipstick. 
Let's just say that it was love at first sight but it took me a while before I wanted to admit it! 

zondag 13 april 2014

Candles everywhere

English - Nederlands

I have a new small update about Germany even though i'm already at home. 
On Friday 11th of April I visited the candle store where Melissa's grandmother works. 
It's this small but beautiful candle store in Montabaur. All the candles are decorated by hand and look pretty amazing. 
They have so many shades and shapes and decorations, it was difficult to select few pictures. 
I don't have much to say about these candles so let the pictures do the taking! 
You can also visit there website for more information but I recommend using google translate since it is in German: http://www.kerzen-fluegel.de

donderdag 10 april 2014

Germany through my phone

English - Nederlands

For today I've got a little Germany update. I've been here since Sunday and despite the fact that I felt a bit homesick at first, i'm having a blast. 
Me and Melissa are watching disney movies every night,theirs cake or frappuccino or sweets every day... what more would you want? 
Prepare yourself for some calorie rich pictures. 
Maybe I will also post a little vlog. I managed to get a bit of footage but i'm not sure if it's interesting enough to post. hat do you think? To post or not to post?
I know this post isn't that special but once I get home, I will defiantly post a shoplog and maybe a little vlog!   

woensdag 9 april 2014

Clinique Anti-blemish solution

English - Nederlands

For today, I've got another skincare product for you. Well more like a skincare set. 
This Clinique set I bought a while ago a.k.a I finished all the products. I think it's easier to review skincare products when you used them  a lot or when you finished them so you can really tell if they  worked or not. 
This little set I bought when my skin was extremely  bad. I had these little pimples under my skin and these really big ones started to  pop up on my cheeks. 
Normally it doesn't bother me that much since I used to had severe acne but this time I felt like people were starring at me .
I decided it was time for a new skincare regime. In the Ici Paris I bought this little set  even though I only wanted to get a cleaner. 
The first product you use is a cleaning mousse which feels really soft on the skin ( at least I think so. It makes my skin feel fresh and really soft. 
Next up you use the tonic. For me, using a tonic is a must since it removes all the dirt that you have left on your skin. It makes it feel fresh and clean. It's best to use this one on a wet cotton ball with just a bit of product. By using it this way, the product doesn't irritate the skin or dries it out to much. Finally there is the day cream. I think it's pretty important to moisturize the skin after using lotion and other skin products. It feeds the skin so it doesn't dry out and it makes it really soft and hydrated. 
 Then there is also a tinted daycreme in this set but i'm not going to say something about it since it wasn't my color and I couldn't try it out. 
I used this mini-set for more then 2 months and only paid €9.99. 

zondag 6 april 2014

Garnet chrome - Revlon

English - Nederlands

I've been looking for a perfect dark, deep red lipstick for a while now. Preferably a lipstick that isn't as expensive as Chanel, Dior or mac because as a student, I just can't pay a lot of money for a lipstick that often. 
When I went to the opening of the Lush store in Antwerp, I decided to pay a visit to the Inno because their they sell one brand I can't find in Hasselt. 
I keep hearing people talk about it positively so I wanted to try one out. 
This lovely color immediately caught my attention since I was looking for this type of dark red lipstick. Perfect for a night out or for going on a date. The packaging looks very sleek and elegant without to much bling bling. Something that I appreciate a lot. 
The golden detail makes it look very expensive although you only pay a fraction of the price. 
The lipstick itself applies very smoothly en leaves a nice dark vampy red color on your lips. 
The only downside is that this lipstick sets in the cracks of your lips if they are dry. 
Other than this, I can't say anything bad about this color. 
This beautiful dark red lipstick will probably suit everyone and you only pay €9,99.  

vrijdag 4 april 2014

Packing for Germany

English - Nederlands

FINALLY Easter break! I'm so exhausted and i'm assuming most of my classmates share my opinion.
During spring break we had to study a lot, even at night, with two weeks of exams coming up.
The redbull drinks were selling like crazy in my local grocery, but it was really necessary.
 After two weeks of studying and making exams it wasn't over for us. No holiday but two more weeks of school.
We had to prepare a few tasks and then you start to notice the exhaustion from the sleepless nights.
At least I feel it.
But now it's Easter break ! I'm so relieved!
Sunday morning i'm leaving for Germany with Melissa from  Melfortune.  We are going to Montabaur with her mother to visit her grandmother who lives there. I've never been there so i'm pretty excited to see what's it like over there. To me the biggest problem wasn't what I was going to take with me, but what suitcase I was going to use?
At first I wanted to take pa pretty big one with me but it just was way  to big so now I ended up using my mini-suitcase. With a little bit of pushing, I even managed to put my camera in it.  
My laptop was just to big to put in there, so i'm going to take it with me in my laptop case.
Want to know what i'm going to take with me for 1  week Germany (beware: blogger over packing!) ?

donderdag 3 april 2014

Make-up your stash

English - Nederlands

A while ago, make-up your stash let me pick out a make-up organizer of choice.
Since it didn't really matter to me which one I got, I decided to let them pick because to me, everything they had was interesting.  So a few weeks ago I received a package which contains the three in one make-up organizer. .
My first impression was that it was made out of very sturdy and thick plastic so I doubt that it will break easily. Than I asked myself: what am  going to put in this?!
I do not have a pile of make-up, but I love reorganizing it. After cursing a lot I came to  the conclusion that the make-up organizers were a bit to small to store my make-up. Luckily for me I could use a new storage for my  jewelry.
Brilliant isn't it ?
My make-up has it's place but my jewelry is laying everywhere around my room. All put in little containers and boxes so it's a real mess. This system makes it easier for me to see what I have and I love the display of my jewelry.
It might not be as handy for my make-up but I love it as a jewelry organizer !
It's also cool that you can take the lid of off one of the two cubes and you can stack them up each
Don't forget to take a look at this amazing website: http://www.make-up-your-stash.nl/ 

dinsdag 1 april 2014

Amazed Palette - BE creative cosmetics

English - Nederlands

I keep repeating my love for BE creative a ridiculously often on my blog. And yes, I can't help myself to make another post about this brand. 
On my birthday wishlist I posted that I really wanted a palette from them and when a friend got me a giftcard from ICI Paris, I decided to buy it. 
The product comes in a lightbrown, taupe cardboard box en is made from firm plastic. 
When you open the box, you see 8 different but all beautiful colors and also a big mirror on the inside of the lid. I love that it has a big mirror so you can take it with you when you travel and you don't have to bring an other mirror. 
The eyeshadows are just stunning and i've used every color except for the two green ones. The pigmentation is amazing,even better than some MAC eyeshadows (sorry MAC-lovers). 
they feel really soft and blend very easily without fall-out. 
I was already sold to the single eyeshadows, but this palette is defiantly worth buying. 
This amazing palette costs €25,95 and is available at Ici paris XL.