vrijdag 4 april 2014

Packing for Germany

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FINALLY Easter break! I'm so exhausted and i'm assuming most of my classmates share my opinion.
During spring break we had to study a lot, even at night, with two weeks of exams coming up.
The redbull drinks were selling like crazy in my local grocery, but it was really necessary.
 After two weeks of studying and making exams it wasn't over for us. No holiday but two more weeks of school.
We had to prepare a few tasks and then you start to notice the exhaustion from the sleepless nights.
At least I feel it.
But now it's Easter break ! I'm so relieved!
Sunday morning i'm leaving for Germany with Melissa from  Melfortune.  We are going to Montabaur with her mother to visit her grandmother who lives there. I've never been there so i'm pretty excited to see what's it like over there. To me the biggest problem wasn't what I was going to take with me, but what suitcase I was going to use?
At first I wanted to take pa pretty big one with me but it just was way  to big so now I ended up using my mini-suitcase. With a little bit of pushing, I even managed to put my camera in it.  
My laptop was just to big to put in there, so i'm going to take it with me in my laptop case.
Want to know what i'm going to take with me for 1  week Germany (beware: blogger over packing!) ?

1. Garnier skin naturals tonic
2. Hansaplast anti-insect lotion
3. Clear elastics and normal elastics
4. Small compact mirror 
5. Glasses and case
6. Garnier eye make-up remover (waterproof)
7. Gliss Kur hair repair 
9. Satin care shaving cream
10. Dove deeply nourishing shower cream
11. Toothbrush
12. Dove deodorant
13. Dove  repair therapy shampoo
14. contacts and product

2. BE creative cosmetics amazed palette
3. Sleek storm palette

1. Catrice pouder
2. Flormar terra cotta pouder
4. NYC color wheel 

1. Pro's all in one mascara (black) 
2. Hema mascara waterproof (black)
3. Clinique high impact mascara (black)

1. Essence kajal pencil (white) 
2. Elf waterproof eyeliner pen (black)
3. Catrice waterproof pencil (purple) 

1. BE creative matt foundation 
2. Bourjois flower perfection foundation
3. Pro's liquid concealer
4. Mac cream  concealer

1. Mac lipstick (Blog will be up soon!)
2. Rimmel lipstick vintage pink
4. Elf lipstick in Posh 
5. Khroma lipgloss in wildflower honey

xoxo Jana

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