dinsdag 20 mei 2014

Kiko - Ipanema Peach

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Today I decided not to review a lipstick but one of my other make-up obsessions: Blush! 
Every color can change your face and for the summer time I was looking for a warmer blush without to much glitter. In Germany I visited the Kiko store and I was planning to buy myself a new blush but I didn't see one I really liked from there permanent collection. 
While snooping around, I saw this lovely blush from the Life in Rio collection. The packaging is just stunning and bright and colorful!  This Sun lovers blush gives it's name credit because it looks lovely with a little tan. Since i'm so pale I almost reflect light, I use this blush and bronzer to give my face a bit more color. 
I love that you can choose how dark you want your blush/bronzer to be.  
One thing I didn't wanted was a blush with glitter and even though this one has golden shimmer in it, I still love it. It's not to dramatic when you apply it so it just gives you that beautiful golden glow. 
The colors are super pigmented and personally I love it when you mix the blush and bronzer together.
For this beauty you pay €14,90 and you can buy it online at  www.kikocosmetics.com 

xoxo Jana 

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  1. gorgeous packaging and neutral color!! Again, I soooo wish that Kiko was available in the US!!