zondag 29 juni 2014

P2 - Mulholland drive

English - Nederlands

Most already know I have an obsession with lipsticks. Still I thought I managed to keep myself together in Germany by only buying 5 new lipsticks.
P2 is a very budget friendly brand and since you can't buy this in Belgium, I decided to buy a few products from  this brand. 
Today I'm going to show you this lovely spring/summer lipstick.
I can't say much about the packaging except the shape is different then most lipsticks and it's completely silver. What I think is important is that the packaging is sturdy and the lid stays on really well. With some drugstore lipsticks the lid comes of quite easily but not with this one so... no stains in my purse!
The color has a beautiful pigmentation. More than I ever imagined to be honest! And it just glides on so smoothly. I also love that the color doesn't fade that quickly. Even after eating or drinking you can still  see the lovely color (although I do recommend to reapply the color for a better pigmentation). 
I also like that the lipsticks from P2 are scentless. No delicious vanilla scents like MAC or KIKO and no smelly chemical scents luckily!  
I think this color will be perfect for summer so I will probably wear this one pretty often! 

woensdag 25 juni 2014

New in - Primark goodies

English - Nederlands

Yesterday I went to Primark in Eindhoven with three friends. For me it was the first time going there but I thought that a Primark with 4 floors would have some nice stuff. 
Let's say that I was a bit dissapointed. I didn't saw that many tops or T-shirts and the ones I did liked didn't look good on me. To bad but so be it. 
I was hoping that the shoes, bags and accessories were better but I wasn't very impressed. They did had beautiful heels but unfortunately my size was always sold out. Even thought I didn't saw that many items that I liked I did managed to score some bits ! 

vrijdag 20 juni 2014

Kiko - Crimson red

English - Nederlands

How big can someone have a lipstick obsession? 
In my case pretty big. 
The lipsticks from Kiko have a simple and chique packaging. Even though the lipsticks from YSL look very classy, a simple packaging is always a good choice.
This lipstick  has a raspberry or magenta color. It's definitely a color that pops so  I  prefer combining this with a neutral eye look. 
Since the other lipstick I had was really pigmented, I was expecting the same with this one. 
Unfortunately you have to apply this lipstick twice to get a very pigmented color cause otherwise you will see a bit of your own color peek trough it. 
Personally I do not mind applying it more then once but I can understand that some of you might not like that. 
This lipstick applies really smooth and doesn't dry out your lips, which is definitely a big plus. 
Let us also not forget about the lovely smell. Mac copy alarm !  
When I smell this lipstick I immediately think about the vanilla scent that Mac lipsticks have.
Just lovely. 
Crimson red is a beautiful color, perfect for summer and is easy to combine. The price itself is also very  good. For only €3,90 you can buy this in the Kiko store or via the website (Here).

maandag 16 juni 2014

New in - Purses and perfume

English - Nederlands

Purses - The obsession from most women and of coarse it includes me. Unfortunately I'm the black and plain type, so my collection of purses is pretty much the same (except for my grey Zara purse).
This funky one I got from a friend, who isn't my friend anymore, but still... 
She had this laying around in her closet because it wasn't her style so she decided to give it to me. I believe this clutch is from H&M so it probably coasted €14.95 like most clutches from  H&M. 
Despite the fact that the friendship is over, I still want to try and combine this clutch with an outfit. 
Then there is perfume. I don't get the whole 'let's spend loads of many on just one perfume' to be honest. I already blogged about my love for the Zara perfumes which are pretty cheap and have a decent quality but when I smelled a perfume sample from the VIP rosé perfume, I just loved it! Yet, I bought the golden one. A friend of mine had this one with her and it smelled so good, I knew I had to have it. 
The scent is secy and feminine without being to sweet or heavy. 
Last but not least there is my new black top from Morgan. It fits perfect for my body type and hides a belly. It's pretty simple with a small detail on the shoulder. 
Elegant and Simple, just the way I like it. 

zondag 15 juni 2014

Huge wishlist - part 2

English - Nederlands

Part 2 of my wishlist is ready to launch!
I do find it more difficult to make a wishlist from  make-up items since I prefer testing these items. 
Unfortunately most of these items are only available online. Let me also put this straight: I'm a student so i'm not going to buy everything from this wishlist (at least not all in ones). 
I may be a beauty blogger, saving money is also necessary, but that doesn't mean I can't make a wishlist. If only  I  would win the lottery   

vrijdag 13 juni 2014

Huge wishlist part 1

 English- Nederlands

Summer vacation has finally arrived for me! This means I can finally relax and go shopping. To be honest I'm not a big fan of summer... I prefer spring or fall. This means I don't have a lot of summer approved clothing because I love wearing vests and sweaters. Unfortunately it is way to hot to wear that so I don't have anything that's wearable except my skinny jeans and a few basic tops. This calls for a shopping trip to Hasselt, Maastricht, Eindhoven, Antwerp,... any place can do. 
This wishlist is based on items I like so I do not know if these will look good on me. Don't forget that I'm just a student so i'm probably not going to buy everything on this list. They are just items that caught my attention. There is also going to follow part 2 which will be only beauty items so make sure to check that out to. 
(For those who say that my list has many shoes... little shoe addicted person over here). 

dinsdag 10 juni 2014

Kiko - Macropearly Umber

English - Nederlands

Kiko is one of my favorite budget make-up brands. I already owned two lovely eyeshadows. 
Since I was so happy with the eyeshadows and it's pigmentation, I had to pick out a new color in Germany. 
My eye fell on this lovely color with an unique name 'Macropearly Umber'.
This taupe - Purple really appealed to me and without testing I decided to buy it. I was convinced that the pigmentation would be just as great as my other two eyeshadows so I was a bit dissapointed when it turned out to be not as great. 
The pigmentation isn't bad, but it just isn't as good compared to the other ones I own. 
After pushing pretty hard with my brush, I got a decent pigmentation. The color is beautiful and very easy to blend. I loved that it had a lot of sparkles. Luckily it doesn't lose a lot of powder or glitter when I apply it so that is defiantly a plus.
On the swatch photo you can see that I applied it dry and wet. You can see that the intensity is way better when you use water, so I hope that it will be great when I use an eyeshadow base (Still need to buy a new one). 
Let's just say that this is not the best eyeshadow I have from Kiko, but I do like it. 
Especially for this lovely price: €2.90! 

zaterdag 7 juni 2014


English - Nederlands

Lip balm is something I often forget to use. Even when my lips are very dry, I often forget to bring lip balm with me. Not anymore since I've got this colorful one! 
The packaging is just so adorable and I love the colors (although I probably would have used purple instead of pink).
This lip balm has a jummy fruity scent. The sweet scent isn't to extreme so it still is wearable, luckily. 
Babylips coms in different colors, some have a flavour but I wanted the basic version. 
It hydrates my lips really good without making them sticky. Personally I think this one is more fun to wear than the Labello lip balms I have laying around in my room. Labello makes my lips feel moisturized but a bit sticky and heavy, so maybe that's why I never wear it?
For only €2,45 I bought this one in the DM, but you can find babylips in the Kruidvat.

woensdag 4 juni 2014

May favorites

English - Nederlands

May flew by so fast! It's already June so that means that I have exams comming up which are costing a lot of stress. Luckily I found some time to share my favorites of May. 
First up is this lip balm from Babylips. 
This is my very first lip balm from babylips from Maybelline I bought and I have to  say i'm very happy with it. I'm not able to say a lot about it but there is going to be a little blog about it soon. 
Curious to my other favorites? Keep reading! 

zondag 1 juni 2014

P2 - Baker street

English - Nederlands

It's been very calm on my blog lately. Too calm actually, but lately i've been feeling really stressed about everything. The exams are coming again and my panic attacks have returned. I've been dealing with a lot of headaches the past few days, which makes blogging really difficult. 
Today I decided to give it a  go since it is the first day of June. 
Baker street is a beautiful lipstick from the brand P2, which you can buy in the DM. 
This lipstick is one that speaks for it's own. When you wear this one, I recommend wearing a subtle eye look with it or else it's going to look overwhelming.   
A bright pink, fushia color with great pigmentation. It apply's like a lip balm and only needs one swipe for the perfect color payoff. 
The packaging is basic. A silver bullet with the color and name on the bottom. 
The lipsticks from P2 really surprised me and this one is definitely part of my favorites for summer. 
You only pay €1,95 for this beautiful color.