zaterdag 7 juni 2014


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Lip balm is something I often forget to use. Even when my lips are very dry, I often forget to bring lip balm with me. Not anymore since I've got this colorful one! 
The packaging is just so adorable and I love the colors (although I probably would have used purple instead of pink).
This lip balm has a jummy fruity scent. The sweet scent isn't to extreme so it still is wearable, luckily. 
Babylips coms in different colors, some have a flavour but I wanted the basic version. 
It hydrates my lips really good without making them sticky. Personally I think this one is more fun to wear than the Labello lip balms I have laying around in my room. Labello makes my lips feel moisturized but a bit sticky and heavy, so maybe that's why I never wear it?
For only €2,45 I bought this one in the DM, but you can find babylips in the Kruidvat.

xoxo Jana

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