vrijdag 13 juni 2014

Huge wishlist part 1

 English- Nederlands

Summer vacation has finally arrived for me! This means I can finally relax and go shopping. To be honest I'm not a big fan of summer... I prefer spring or fall. This means I don't have a lot of summer approved clothing because I love wearing vests and sweaters. Unfortunately it is way to hot to wear that so I don't have anything that's wearable except my skinny jeans and a few basic tops. This calls for a shopping trip to Hasselt, Maastricht, Eindhoven, Antwerp,... any place can do. 
This wishlist is based on items I like so I do not know if these will look good on me. Don't forget that I'm just a student so i'm probably not going to buy everything on this list. They are just items that caught my attention. There is also going to follow part 2 which will be only beauty items so make sure to check that out to. 
(For those who say that my list has many shoes... little shoe addicted person over here). 



xoxo Jana 

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