vrijdag 20 juni 2014

Kiko - Crimson red

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How big can someone have a lipstick obsession? 
In my case pretty big. 
The lipsticks from Kiko have a simple and chique packaging. Even though the lipsticks from YSL look very classy, a simple packaging is always a good choice.
This lipstick  has a raspberry or magenta color. It's definitely a color that pops so  I  prefer combining this with a neutral eye look. 
Since the other lipstick I had was really pigmented, I was expecting the same with this one. 
Unfortunately you have to apply this lipstick twice to get a very pigmented color cause otherwise you will see a bit of your own color peek trough it. 
Personally I do not mind applying it more then once but I can understand that some of you might not like that. 
This lipstick applies really smooth and doesn't dry out your lips, which is definitely a big plus. 
Let us also not forget about the lovely smell. Mac copy alarm !  
When I smell this lipstick I immediately think about the vanilla scent that Mac lipsticks have.
Just lovely. 
Crimson red is a beautiful color, perfect for summer and is easy to combine. The price itself is also very  good. For only €3,90 you can buy this in the Kiko store or via the website (Here).

xoxo Jana

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