vrijdag 25 juli 2014

Summer ready with Wilkinson

English - Nederlands

Summer may be almost over but soft legs are a must the entire year. 
We are always looking for simple razor blades which gives you the perfect soft legs.
A while ago I got these razor blades send to me and today i'm going to tell you a bit more about them.  

vrijdag 18 juli 2014

What's in my make-up bag - Camping edition

English - Nederland 

Today I'm going to show you what's inside my make-up bag, but only this time it's what I'm going to bring with me to the Ardennen. When this post goes online, I'm probably already there but I thought it would be interesting to show you what make-up I bring with me when I go camping. 
Personally I love looking as natural as possible when I go on an adventure in the Ardennen. 
A light BB-cream is a must for me. 
Since most BB-creams are to dark for me and don't cover all my imperfections like pimples or scars, I do like to take a concealer with me. Perfect to cover op those dark circles when you stayed up all night. A light blush comes in handy to give your face a bit more color and pouder is perfect to make your face less shiny. I also decided to bring an eyeshadow palette with me, you never know right? 
MUA was my first choice since it's cheap but has an amazing pigmentation. The colors are neutral so easy to wear. A waterproof mascara is the best option to take with me since I will be swimming a lot. 
Last but not least I decided to bring two lipsticks with me. One has a glossy  finish and is pinkish-neutral and the other one is bright pinkish red for a pop of color. 
Of course I'm also bringing my babylips but I thought it would be fun to bring lipsticks with me. 
What make-up do you take with you when you go camping ? 

woensdag 16 juli 2014

Inglot - eyeshadow 452

English - Nederlands

Finally a new blog! Due to my busy schedule I haven't blogged in a while and when I wanted to blog and take pictures, my SD-cart broke ...typically. 
Luckily I bought a new SD-cart and I have a bit more time to take pictures and write blogs!  

A while ago I bought my first product by Inglot. I have heard lots of people rave about this brand but now I could finally buy a product to try out myself. 
After deciding between the pigments and the eyeshadows I decided to buy an eyeshadow. 
Even though Inglot doesn't name it's products, I don't mind, it's about the quality.
As you  are able to see, I went for a purple color and I have to say that I'm very happy with this. 
It's the perfect color to create a purple smokey eye without having a lot of fallout. 
For €5,00 you can buy just the shadow and for €12,00 you can buy the little magnetic box. 
Of course  you can buy palettes to fill but I'm the type of person who likes to try out the products before investing in a palette and different eyeshadows! 
I do hope to post an eyelook with this eyeshadow soon but i'll keep you posted ! 

woensdag 2 juli 2014

If the shoe fits

English - Nederlands

After a big disappointment when it comes to shoe shopping in Primark, I decided to look for a fun pair in Maastricht. I love shoes, especially high heels but I don't buy them often since they have to fit perfectly. 
These heels were love at first sight when I saw my friend try these one. She didn't mind me trying them on as well and so I did... Hello beauties. 
My friend wanted to buy the nude with rose gold details instead of the black ones with silver but they weren't in her size. Now we both have the same shoes but we don't mind. The were to beautiful to leave behind. 
Despite the fact that I promised to myself to buy a different color than black I really wanted these and so I just had to buy them. 
These babies costed only € 29,95 and are really comfortable! I think I can walk in these for hours!