zaterdag 30 augustus 2014

L'oreal - Le teint accord parfait

English - Nederlands

I may like trying out new foundations, but I really hate reviewing them. Let's be real, the before picture isn't that flattering most of the times...
Yet I had to tell you about this lovely foundation. 
Most foundations are to dark for my pale skin so I was looking for one that would give me great coverage and that wasn't to dark. I really need a good coverage since I have a lot of small scars and pigment spots on my face that I would love to hide. 
Normally I'm a maybelline girl, but I decided to  try something different and went for L'oreal. 
I'm a happy girl! This foundation gives me the perfect coverage without feeling to tick on the skin. With the right amound of blending, this foundation looks really natural without to much shine. No disco ball face for me! 
The texture is really light and liquid. With only half a pump I have enough to cover my entire face, but when you want that bit of extra coverage you can use more. This foundation is perfect for layering since it is very thin.
Another big plus is that my skin reacts really well to this foundation because my skin tends to act crazy with some products or new products. 
I'm definitely going to buy a back-up from this one, but of course I would love to try out other foundations as well. If anyone knows great foundations for pale skin, let me know! 
 For this foundation you pay €15,99.

zaterdag 23 augustus 2014

Pashmina pink

English - Nederlands

 I normally am a sucker for pretty packaging, but online I look more at the color and name of the product. I was pretty curious for the products from Mememe but like I said before, I don't buy stuff online. For my birthday Melissa (Melfortune) and Kim bought me a giftcard from the Misslipgloss webshop so I decided to give the Mememe products a go and bought two Items from them and today I'm reviewing a lipstick from them. 
This lipstick comes in a beautiful cardboard box. The packaging is inspired by goddess so on one side there is a sculpture of the godess, on the other side it has the name of the goddess which is "Selene" on my packaging, and on an other side there is a little explanation of that particular goddess. Since I do not have a photo of the explanation I decided to type the text that I got from the internet:    

'The celestial Selene, moon goddess gazed down with her soft halo shimmering;
 a silent beauty across the land.'

On the website I picked a dusty pink color named Pashmina pink, but the color is more pink and lighter than I expected. Not  that big of a deal because I like pinks for summer. 
Unfortunately this isn't a pretty pink color due to it's shine. You can see the result on the pictures. 
Despite the lipstick applied very smoothly and felt really soft I did wiped it away because it really wasn't my thing. Personally this is one of the biggest make-up mistakes I ever bought. I did look up some pictures and saw a few ones where Cynthia was wearing this color. It really suited her so lucky her! 
You only pay € 10,95 for this one but i'm not sure if I'm going to buy a lipstick from this brand again. 
What are you're experiences with Mememe lipsticks? 

maandag 18 augustus 2014

P2 - Make up base

English - Nederlands

Since April I've been trying out the make-up base from P2. 
I love the packaging since it is very handy due to it's hygienic pump, but also because it comes in a tube so you can cut the end open when it's "empty'. Now you don't waste any product.
The colorful packaging immediately stands out which I really like. Unfortunately I do not like the scent of this product. It smells pretty chemical, not exactly the type of scent you want to put on your face. But the main thing it how this product works and I have to say it does work. 
It makes my foundation last longer. My foundation has less shine during the day and doesn't glide of my face after a few hours. This primer also has an illuminating glow to it and you  can see it a bit peeking trough your foundation in real life. 
What I also liked was that my skin reacted really good to this product, because sometimes when I try something new, my skin just explodes. 
For only €3.95 I do think this works really well. Perfect for people on a budget! 

donderdag 14 augustus 2014

New in + update

English - Nederlands

And yet again i'm studying unfortunately. As i'm writing this, it's 20 minutes past 1 PM and I'm still am studying for economics. Caffeine is doing it's job perfectly,but that's oke since I really want to pass. Bring it on coffee and energy drink.  
I do have to say that I'm pretty happy the weather isn't that good so it's perfect for studying. 
This past month I've been contemplating on quitting with college and just start working instead, but I decided that I wanted to give my exams a go anyway... you never know. 
Everyone is saying that I have to push trough and keep studying but i'm just being realistic since I know I'm not the best student. I am pretty proud of myself that I decided not to quit without even giving it a go. 
Now something a bit more positive: A few days ago I placed an order on Misslipgloss where I bought two Mememe products and a sleek product. They delivered the products really fast. After only two days I received my package. Of course there will be reviews coming up! 

vrijdag 1 augustus 2014

July favorites

English - Nederlands

God I miss blogging, but due to my student job and my exams there isn't much time to relax. My spare time I spent with my boyfriend, friends or family but I don't even see them very often. School is a priority at the moment so I have to put my blog a side for now (until September 4th). I hope I will find the time to post a make-up look every once and a while, but I don't think I'm going to have much time. 
Today I wanted to share my favorites with you. 
Let me start of with this foundation from L'oreal. 
I was looking for a new foundation for a while now that wasn't to dark and after a while I decided to buy this one. It still is a bit to dark but with a bit of light concealer it isn't that noticeable.
I'm not going to tell you  everything about this one yet, since I'm planning to write a full review on  this one.