dinsdag 30 september 2014

Put a lid on it

English - Nederlands

I was looking for a good eye primer for a pretty long time. I  kept doubting between  a MAC paintpot or the eye base from Inglot and yet I ended up with another brand.
The balm is a brand that you couldn't find in Hasselt or even Limburg but finally a store opened up that sells The balm. 
I was very excited since I heard such good comments about there eyeshadows and blushes but I decided to give this eye primer a go first. The packaging is amazingly cute, like pretty much every packaging from this brand. 
Since I have very oily eyelids I wanted something that kept my eyeshadow from creasing. If the colors faded by the end of the day I wouldn't mind, I just wanted something against the ugly creasing. Even waterproof eyeliner runs out pretty fast and it was starting to get really annoying. 
Luckily I found this eye primer cause this thing really works! 
The consistency is difficult to describe... It feels like a light gel I would say. 
At first I thought it wasn't going to work but I applied eyeshadows from Sleek, which tend to crease very easily, and walked around the city for a few hours. 
At home no creasing was found and surprisingly not even my eyeliner had run out. It all looked as if I just did my eyemake-up! The pigmentation of the colors even  was the same. 
I'm so happy I bought this one cause this is still a lot cheaper than a MAC paintpot. 
I payed € 11,99 but had a discount. The original price is €14,99

donderdag 25 september 2014

All fired up

English - Nederlands

A good lipstick can change your entire look. This probably explains my lipstick addiction 
I still haven't found lipsticks that have a better quality than the MAC ones. The packaging just screams class and sophistication. Its simple, elegant without tralala and the smell of it when you open the lid is just amazing. I could smell my MAC lipsticks all day.   
I only had 3 colors in my possession and they are all different colors so when I saw All fired up I knew I didn't own a color like this one. 
The retro mat finish is also very knew to me cause I only have a cremesheen, satin and amplified one in my collection. I did hear great things about this finish so I was very excited to try this. 
The lasting finish is amazing. After a few hours, even  with drinking in between, it still looks as if freshly applied. 
This bright fushia  shade is perfect for summer but I also like this for a night out even during fall or winter. I do recommend wearing a lip balm underneath because this retro mat finish can be cruel and unflattering on dry lips. 
Now about the pigmentation: Wauw!  It's amazing how MAC continues to surprise me. With only 1 layer you get the perfect coverage! 
I have to say that I didn't expect anything less from MAC, but still, I'm always enthusiastic when I buy a lipstick from them  and the quality is even better then expected. 
For €18,00 you can pick this lipstick at a MAC counter.   

zaterdag 20 september 2014

Life's a peach

English - Nederlands

I think most of you know that my biggest addiction is lipsticks and blushes. A while ago I ordered something on the Misslipgloss shop and I just had to include a blush from sleek. 
I was doubting between 'Rose gold' and 'Life's a peach' but I went for the second one. 
It's a beautiful peachy color, perfect for summer but even if it get's colder it would still be pretty. 
On the pictures the blush looks really soft, but in real life I do think it looks a bit more bright orange-peachy. This blush has an amazing pigmentation, but if you blend well enough it looks natural. It does have a slight shimmer to it that gives your skin  a healthy glow. 
This peachy color is perfect for my almost white skin, so perfect for those pale people among us! 
The packaging is just as I was expecting, simple, elegant and stylish. Perfect for travelling or taking along with you in your handbag due to the small mirror on the inside. 
Can't wait to collect more blushes from sleek! I only paid €5,95 and you can order them from the Misslopgloss shop or on www.boozyshop.be

vrijdag 12 september 2014

MUA - undress me too

English - Nederlands

Today I've got the second edition from the MUA  undress me palette on the program. 
When I was in the Kruidvat I was doubting to  take both MUA palettes with me but in the end I only bought the first one. Of course I did regret this so I decided to buy the second one after my exams. 
I was really happy about the first palette since the pigmentation is really great. Only the mat shades aren't that pigmented in both of the palettes but with a primer it's not that bad. 
This palette mostly contains shimmery or satin colors that are really pigmented.
My personal favorites are the colors  'Exposed', 'Tranquil', 'Obsessed' and 'Naked'. 
Naked doesn't swatch very easily but I think this is the perfect brow bone color or highlighting color. 
The colors have a soft texture and are very easy to blend. When applying the glittery shades, you can get some fall-out, but you  can easily wipe it away with a tissue.
I'm very happy with  both palettes from MUA and I recommend buying these If you are a beginner in using make-up. 
The neutral colors are easy to combine and to create different looks and that for only €4.99. 

maandag 8 september 2014

Oeps - I went shopping

English - Nederlands

My finals are done and I promised myself to treat myself by going shopping.  The result: a big shoplog! 
I bought two pairs of black jeans at Only in Maastricht since Only has the perfect pants for me. They are super soft, have a bit of stretch and feel really comfortable. Unfortunately they did not have the perfect length for me so they are a bit to long. Luckily I can get this fixed at a tailor. 
Whenever I go to Maastricht I just have to visit Lush since there isn't a Lush store in Hasselt. 
I had to buy my beloved tea tree product and I also bought Dark  Angels. You can read a review from the tea tree here and I'm currently trying out Dark Angels!   
Up next I bought two basic tops and a 4pack of earrings at H&M. On the picture you can only see a basic black  top but I also bought it in dark grey. 
When I saw that there was a new store open called DI, I just had to take a look since I knew they sold The balm. I bought a basic make-up sponge and an eyeprimer from The balm. 
At The bodyshop they had this amazing deal that when you bought something for €35,00 you get a goodiebag with a price of €30,00... just could not let that get past me! 

woensdag 3 september 2014

Mememe - rouge

English -Nederlands

Mememe is a brand I started trying out recently and my first review wasn't that positive (Here). 
The packaging of these blushes remind me of the Benefit blushes so I was really curious about them. Unfortunately I don't have any blushes from  Benefit to compare but I can tell you if I like this one or not. 
The packaging is very cute and comes in a small square cardboard box  with a beautiful design. In  the lid you can find a small mirror which can come in handy sometimes. 
It also comes with a small brush but to be honest, I'm not a big fan of it. I don't like the way it applies the product and it doesn't feel comfortable in my hand. I prefer using my own brushes. 
The blush itself is a red color, like the name says.  It doesn't have a scent to it which I find very good. I don't like very sweet or chemical scents to my make-up products.  
It has a decent pigmentation with a light shimmer which gives a very natural effect without making you look all shiny. 
I do find this blush pretty though I grab my Sleek blushes or other blushes more then this one. 
Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful blush, but I think I expected something better from the brand Mememe. 
Still I recommend this blush if you are looking for a pretty blush with a beautiful packaging that doesn't cost a fortune. 
For €9,99 you can buy this one in the  Misslipgloss shop  and the blush also comes in different shades!