maandag 8 september 2014

Oeps - I went shopping

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My finals are done and I promised myself to treat myself by going shopping.  The result: a big shoplog! 
I bought two pairs of black jeans at Only in Maastricht since Only has the perfect pants for me. They are super soft, have a bit of stretch and feel really comfortable. Unfortunately they did not have the perfect length for me so they are a bit to long. Luckily I can get this fixed at a tailor. 
Whenever I go to Maastricht I just have to visit Lush since there isn't a Lush store in Hasselt. 
I had to buy my beloved tea tree product and I also bought Dark  Angels. You can read a review from the tea tree here and I'm currently trying out Dark Angels!   
Up next I bought two basic tops and a 4pack of earrings at H&M. On the picture you can only see a basic black  top but I also bought it in dark grey. 
When I saw that there was a new store open called DI, I just had to take a look since I knew they sold The balm. I bought a basic make-up sponge and an eyeprimer from The balm. 
At The bodyshop they had this amazing deal that when you bought something for €35,00 you get a goodiebag with a price of €30,00... just could not let that get past me! 


This is what I bought at The bodyshop 

This is what was in the goodiebag from The bodyshop 

xoxo Jana

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