woensdag 8 oktober 2014

Essence lipliner

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Today I've got a budget tip for the students among us. 
As a student it isn't easy to spend a lot of money on make-up and it's just to much to pay €18,00 for a lipstick (even a mac one). 
Luckily I've got a cheaper alternative! Essence is a brand that never really appealed to me because of it's cheap looking packaging and because of the bad pigmentation of the eyeshadows. I can't say  anything bad about their nail polishes because these are really good, but the make-up isn't really my thing. 
A few weeks ago Melissa told me how much she liked these lip pencils so I decided to give them a try. They  were only €0.99 so it wasn't like I was going to waste a lot of money. 
The lasting finish is really amazing, even with a lunch break and drinking in between. I was very pleasantly surprised by these pencils and I bring them everywhere with me. 
Even though thy are lip pencils they don't dry my lips out like most of them do, but these feel really soft. 
Are you interested in the colors I chose? Keep  reading ! 

First is the color Satin Mauve. 
It's a fun color that you can easily wear during the day.
It's a neutral color with a cool undertone which gives it a 
your-lips-but-better look. 
I wear this color pretty often when I don't want a pop of color 
or when I wear a smokier eye. Most of the times a only need to 
touch up 1 or 2 times a day, which isn't bad at all! 

The next color is Honey Berry. My  absolute favorite! 
If you  are a fan of Mac rebel, than this color is perfect for you. 
This purple-burgundy color is perfect for this season and due to the handy
sharp point, you can apply this without all the smudging. 
I got lot's of compliments when I was wearing this the other day so  
it's definitely worth a try!  

Last but not least I've got this lip pencil in  the color Red Blush. 
The creamy texture  glides over the lips and it doesn't set in  the cracks when you  have 
dry lips (thank you cold fall weather).
I love wearing this one with a winged liner bus still I don't use this one
 as often as the others. 

Which is you favorite color? 
xoxo Jana

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