donderdag 23 oktober 2014

Revlon lipbutters - Pink Truffle and Raspberry Pie

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Revlon is a brand that you can't find in Limburg (Belgium). I looked everywhere but unfortunately I had no luck. Since I'm following a course in Leuven I spotted a place where they sell Revlon  and I would stare, drool and of course also buy a few bits from them. 
I have heard great things about these lipbutters but never paid much attention  to it. I was expecting it to be like a tinted lipbalm but now that I own two of them I know it's not the case.The pigmentation is amazing so I was pleasantly surprised when trying them out. 
The packaging is very sturdy and isn't easy to open which is a good thing. I once had an open lipstick in my handbag and of course everything was pink on the inside. 
These lipbutters feel really soft and don't dry my lips. I do think that the color Raspberry Pie is a bit sticky but that's okay. When I had to choose a color I could not decide between Pink Truffle and Raspberry Pie so I thought, why not get them both. Pink Truffle is a natural color that looks a bit dark in the packaging, but it's a really lovely shiny nude color. 
Raspberry Pie is, despite being a bit sticky, my favorite. It's a lovely berry shade with a lot of shine.
Despite that I love my matt lipsticks more, I find these perfect to change things up once and a while.

Pink Truffle

Raspberry Pie

xoxo Jana

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