donderdag 27 november 2014

OGX - Argan oil of Morocco

English - Nederlands

A while ago I came in contact with the web shop 'Alles voor je uiterlijk'. They offered me to sent a package with products that I could try out. On November 6th I received my package with two products from OGX. I was very happy since it is something different than just make-up, like I always review. 
I've got really dry hair so a good shampoo and conditioner is a must for me. I've tried out different products but so far I like the Gliss kür ones the best. Now that I tried out this brand I have to say that I love these ones as well. 
The packaging is very pretty, fresh and colorful. It doesn't has a strong scent,which is a plus because I don't like those strong scents for my hair. The Moroccan argan oil  is a source of vitamin E and antioxidants. It protects your skin-and hair cells, gives it a nice shine, makesit really soft and also protects it against dryness. 
My hair feels really soft and has a light perfumed scent to it. It's also a lot less frizzy and dry, perfect! I'm very happy with these products and think they work just as great as the Gliss kür ones although i'm loving the packaging of these products a bit more. 
Maybe I should try out there hair mask? 
You can find these products at the DI, DIO and of course the webshop 'Alles voor je uiterlijk'.  

dinsdag 25 november 2014

Essence - Matt wanted and adorable matt

English - Nederlands

Today i'm  going to show you two lipsticks that I was testing out on request of a reader. 
A few weeks ago someone asked me if I could try out some matt lipsticks and mac immediately popped in my mind. Now since I  can understand that not everyone want's to spent €19,00 on a lipstick, I decided to go for a maximum budget of €10,00. 
In the Kruidvat I bumped into the essence section since they  are the perfect budget brand. 
Unfortunately they don't have a lot of matte colors, but 'Matt wanted' and 'Adorable matt' really popped out for me. 
The packaging of Essence feels really light and maybe a bit cheap, but as long as it stayes closed while travelling, I'm happy. It's a simple packaging, but has a colored ring around it so you  can tell what color it it. Now don't expect a perfect match with the lip color itself because, as you  can see on the picture below, it isn't always the case. 
Are you curious on my opinion of these lipsticks?

vrijdag 21 november 2014

Neutrogena - Nordic Berry

English - Nederlands

Winter is coming and it's starting to get pretty cold outside: time to hydrate your skin a bit more. 
Neutrogena has a new skincare line that is developed to raise the hydration level  three times more and brings stressed skin back to balans. 
It's beautysecret? Its Nordic formula with the power fruit Nordic Berry. This new line has five products to offer (Body lotion, Body balm, Hand cream, Foot cream and lip balm). They offer restoring and hydrating products. 
It's unique scent with the Nordic Berry helps with having a positive experience. It's a mild, pleasant scent that sinks in the skin, but is subtle enough so it doesn't overpower your favorite perfume.   
Curious about my opinion of these products? Keep reading!

zaterdag 15 november 2014

Dark Angels

English - Nederlands

Everyone of my friends and family know my skin can be very bad at moments. It used to be a lot worse but luckily for me its already better since I don't have as much stress as before. 
Not only less stress helped my skin, but also this amazing product from Lush. 
A month ago I went into lush, which smells amazing, looking for a new facial cleanser. The lovely young lady who helped me was the one who also helped me picking out some bath bombs, recommended 'Dark  angels' for my skin type. 
It sounds really cool, but when I opened the jar, I kinda freaked out
The scrub is black and of course I was a bit nervous that it would leave a black residue on my face. Luckily that is not the case. You just have to rinse your face with lukewarm water and it gets everything off. 
This product looks black since it contains charcoal. Jup,you read that right...charcoal. 
This ingredient absorbs all the excess oils, which is handy since I have an oily skin type. 
the Rhassoulmud (Say  what?) gives your skin a deep cleans and the brown sugar gives it a good, but soft, scrub. They also added some avocado-oil to make your skin feel really soft. 
The product has a fresh scent which makes applying it, very pleasant. I also don't think this scrub is to rough so I use this product 3 times a week. 
My skin hasn't had dramatic break-outs since I started using it and feels really clean and soft after using this. You don't have to use a lot, but you have to check the perishable date. 
I payed €9,90 for a jar of 100 gram and I've been using it for 3 months. 
Time to buy a new one! 

donderdag 13 november 2014

Catrice - Mattraction

English - Nederlands

If got another Lipstick ready today. Small obsession, but luckily this one wasn't expensive. 
Despite I love Mac lipsticks, I do love to try out budget lipsticks since you can find really good ones there. Like this lipstick. 
Catrice is a brand that sells excellent make-up for a decent price, and when I saw this color, I knew I had to get it. 
The packaging of Catrice is sleek and elegant and it stays closed really well so you lipstick can't open and smudge in your bag.  The color 'Mattraction' is a mat red-pinkish color, perfect for fall, winter and the holidays. I was having a bit of doubts if this lipstick would really be mat since it applied really smooth and felt really creamy. 
Despite being creamy, unlike the Mac lipsticks, it looks mat. You do have to reapply it more often due to its texture, but to be honest, I do not mind.
It's a beautiful color and when I was wearing this, I got a few compliments from people saying that it was a lovely lipstick that I was wearing... and that for only €3.99!  

donderdag 6 november 2014

Lush haul

Engels - Nederlands

Today I've got a small haul ready for you. 
Lush is a store that everyone should visit once and since there isn't a Lush in Limburg (Belgium), I went to the closest store in Maastricht. On Monday I visited lush already and I promised the salesgirl that I would come back the next day to buy some bath bombs. And of course I went back. 
Tuesday Melissa and me went to the Lush store and the salesgirl recognized me immediately. She probably didn't expected to see me and thought I was making a joke when I said that I would come back the next day... well no. 
I was thinking about buying bath bombs for a while and now Melissa had me convinced to buy some of the Christmas collection along with some basic once. 
In this post I will show you  which ones I bought and then, when I have used them all, I will tell you  if they are worth buying or not. 

zaterdag 1 november 2014

Halluber necklace

English - Nederlands

Yesterday was my final day at my internship in Leuven so I decided to buy myself a present (even though I'm going shopping on monday in Leuven). 
Sinds I did my internship on the clothes department, I walked past the brand Halluber pretty often. It's a brand that sells very beautiful and elegant clothes and lovely accessorizes. I was eyeing the necklaces for a while, but found it difficult to decide which one to take. 
With the help of a fellow colleague, I managed to pick this one, and I'm very happy with it. 
It's a big statement necklace with a decent quality, which is good since it costed €29,95. 
So what dod you think?