vrijdag 5 december 2014

Fashion Friday - Sal Y Limon

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Today is the first day of Fashion Friday! Let's just say that I'm going to try and post about a brand or item every Friday. Now let's see if i'm  able to do this. 
Today I'm writing about a beautiful bracelet from the brand Sal Y Limon. 
The Italian company makes pretty 'slave bracelets' in four different sizes. They all have a different color, design and model, which makes them unique. The bracelets are hand painted so you know they are of good quality. 
The existing collections are expanded twice a year with special designs and colors. These special editions make it very festive and makes it easier to expand your collection. 
The prices start from €12,95 which isn't bad at all. 
What do you  think about them?

Love, Jana 

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