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Reviewing perfumes isn't easy at all. Try to explain a scent to your readers? 
Well, I'm going to take a shot at it since this perfume is a new favorite of mine. I smelled it last year at a friend, but I already had a perfume. After I finished that bottle, I bumped into to pill shaped 212VIP gold, which smells amazing. I completely forgot about this one, but when I was in the Inno Hasselt at the perfume section (Yes, I already finished my previous one) I fell in love again with Loverdose. The bottle symbolizes  a heart, stabbed with a dagger or an arrow and has beautiful shades of purple. The scent isn't easy to describe but it is very  sensual and sexy. 
Diesel Loverdose has molecules that stimulate the hypothalamus, a part in the brain that answer for lust and desire. The perfume has mandarin, star anise and lemon zest as top notes. 
The core exists out of jasmine, licorice and gardenia and the base exists out of vanilla, cedarwood, sandelwood and ambrox.
The scent is pretty strong so you don't have to use a lot of it and jet it doesn't fade away easily. 
You can find the bottles in three sizes: 
30ml - €39,50
50ml - €56,00
75ml - €69,50
These prices are based on the Ici Paris website , since the prices can be different at other places. Did you already know this scent?

Love, Jana 

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