vrijdag 12 december 2014

November Favorites

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No Fashion Friday today unfortunately, but I do have my November favorites ready for you! 
It was about time I posted these and due to the lack of light to take pictures for Fashion Friday, I decided to post my favorites in stead. 
First of all I want to share my favorite cleanser. This stuff from Lush is amazing and really does wonders for problem skin. I'm hoping that I can visit the Lush in Maastricht again this month cause my jar is almost empty.
For the review click here.

These slipper socks are the most comfortable and warm socks I've ever worn. 
They  are so cute and pretty, unfortunately my dog's thinks so too... 
I bought this pair in Primark and I'm planning to  score a new pair 
on tuesday  when I go back .
For the review click here.
The first eye primer I bought was from The balm and I was an instant hit.
I'm planning to repurchase this one, since it really work even 
though I have oily eyelids. 
For the review click here.  
Life's a peach wasn't love at first sight,  
but it was love at first use. I gives you  such a natural look, which is 
really important when you use a blush. 
For the review click here
When wearing this lipstick, I get a lot of complements, and let's be honest, 
who doesn't like getting compliments?
This lovely mat color stays on really long and it wasn't even  expensive! 
For the review click here
An other lipstick I had to put in my favorites list, because my search for the 
perfect mat red lipstick  has come to an end. Maybe this lipstick is a  
bit to expensive for some, but I think it was worth it's €19,00. 
For the review click here.
An other product from MAC that everyone should try out, is this concealer. 
I'm trying not to use to much because, let's be fair, Mac isn't cheap. 
Still I would buy this one again, because it just works really well 
and it matches my skin perfectly. 
For the review click here
This one I bought on November 30 and jet it had to be on my list. 
The scent is addicting and just look at the packaging... 
For the review click here

Love, Jana 

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