zaterdag 1 augustus 2015


Dear readers,

I decided to stop writing in English and Dutch because it was to much work  while working a fulltime job and having a social life as well. I did decide to get my own domain, so no more for me! For those of you who want to follow my blog, you can find it on, where I will be blogging in English only.
Thank you for understanding
xoxo Jana

maandag 20 juli 2015

Maybelline - The nudes

English - Nederlands

Everyone that knows me, knows I love my eye makeup palettes, but I think it's difficult to find one that has a descent quality but isn't as expensive as most makeup palettes. 
When Maybelline released this palette I just had to swatch  the colors in store, which lead to me walking around with 12 different shades on my wrist the rest of the day... 
Luckily the pigmentation was amazing so I wanted to know if they would blend as easy. While giving her €15,99 for the palette, I was hoping I wouldn't be dissapointed. 
And I wasn't! It's the most basic palette without a mirror or a fancy  brush (that most of the times is total crap), but it has 12 very beautiful neutral shades. 
They are all very well pigmented and easy  to use.They aren't powdery but creamy and easy  to blend on the eyes. 
With  these colors you can make a very cute neutral eye look or a sexy smokey look. 
For only €15,99 you can find this palette at the DI or Kruidvat 

xoxo Jana

zondag 5 juli 2015

Sunday talk

English - Nederlands

Currently i'm  in my room with a wet towel over my burnt red legs trying to cool off a bit. It's like 38°C in Belgium which is pretty rare over here. Luckily I had a day off today (which explains the burnt legs I guess). 
So let me start with the beginning: I lost my job at Galeria Inno, went on lots of job interviews, even did some tryouts but eventually I ended up working at MEXX. I must say, I was a bit scared to  start working in a team that already knew each other and I was the newbie, but they were all so nice and helpful and I ended up feeling right at home there. 
More exiting news: I bought a car! Finally, after having my drivers licence for almost 3 years, I decided that I saved enough money to buy myself a nice car. It's not brand new, but that's ok√© with me. I went for a light grey Hyundai I30 from  2008. Pictures will probably follow. 
Also I'm planning in some new video's and vlogs. As i'm going to Amsterdam, I want to try and make some vlogs and maybe some outfit photo's. For those following me on  Instagram, you might have seen a few outfits passing by but I'll  add them in this blog. 
I'm still not 100% comfortable being completely in front of a camera but i'm getting there. 

maandag 22 juni 2015

Essence XXXL longlasting lipgloss

English - Nederlands

What would my blog be without it's lip product reviews? Right, nothing. 
When looking around the drugstore I saw the Essence stand and found this Essence longlasting lip gloss in a matte formula. A matte lip gloss? That sounded interesting so I had to give it a try. 
Let's start with the smell. I'm not a big fan of it to be honest. I don't mind that a gloss has a scent to it but this smells just so overwhelming. I normally love the smell of caramel but this is just a bit to much. Luckily you can't smell it when you have it on your lips. 
I must say that even though I'm not a fan of lip gloss I was pretty surprised! It's more of a creamy matte lipstick in a tube with an applicator than a lip gloss but still, the color payoff wasn't to bad! 
The first lip gloss called '08 soft nude' is a pretty nude color that isn't to light for my skin tone. As I'm very pale it's difficult to find a nude color that doesn't make me look like i'm sick, but this one did it's job pretty  well. The other color is called '15 coral mousse', a nice coral shade that looks great on people with a tan. I must say that coral mousse isn't my favorite as it highlights the lines on your lips, but still a pretty color. 
Both shades don't last that long on the lips, as I expected, but for only €2,39 I applying it again isn't so bad. 

vrijdag 12 juni 2015

L'oreal infallible 24H matte - vanilla

English - Nederlands

Trying out foundations is something I actually really like to do. I find it very difficult to find one that really matches my skin color well, so I'm always on  the hunt for a new one. I think the hunt is over! 
I've seen  so many positive reviews about the L'oreal Infallible 24H matte foundation (god such a long name) that I had to give it a go. It wasn't really cheap for a drug store product, there are cheaper ones, but I think it was worth the money. 
The coverage is really good, as you can probably tell in the pictures, and the product cancels out my spots, blemishes and redness. It doesn't feel thick on the skin, but it feels really and natural. I have to say that I was impressed on the sustainability of this foundation. I go to work from 10-18 and by the end of the day, my face still looks great! Of course it doesn't look as matte as when I applied it, but still, it looks as if my face is flawless. 
The foundation isn't as matte as it says but I personally don't mind, as you can use a powder to mattify your face to your liking. 
So far this is probably my favorite foundation  so I'm gonna stock up a few tubes. Who else loves this foundation and why ? 

woensdag 3 juni 2015

MAC - Bombshell dupe

English - Nederlands

Despite i'm a huge lipstick love, I'm not that keen on dupes. Mostly they are badly pigmented, Don't last long and the color isn't as it should be. 
From what I've seen online, this lipstick should be a soft pink with golden glow. When I applied this it looked more of a coral-red with a golden glow which is a bit of a disappointment. 
The lipstick has a frost finish which means that the lipstick has a high pigmentation but also has a lot of shimmer and shine. Personally i'm more of a sating or mat lipstick kind of girl so for me personally the frost was a bit of a miss. I do like the color with the gold and I have to say that it doesn't look that much as a frost finish as I thought it would. 
The lipstick lasts for 2-3 hours which isn't bad for a dupe. What I do think is a shame is that they didn't managed to copy the sweet vanilla scent that mac lipsticks have. This lipstick has a bad chemical smell so that isn't really what you  want your lipstick to smell like. 
The color is pretty but i'm not as surprised as I was hoping to be. If you  are looking for a Mac Bombshell  dupe, I don't recommend this one as the color isn't as it should be. 

dinsdag 2 juni 2015

Demak'up detox challenge

English - Nederlands

A few days ago I received a package from  the Demak'up team, asking me if I wanted to join the detox challenge. Each package was personalized to the needs of your skin type. As I have combination to oily skin and I use a lot of makeup, they added in some detox tea. Unfortunately I don't really like tea, but my boyfriend was very pleased with it. They also gave each of us some carts with recipes to try out. There were four option, me choosing the one with strawberries. 
You could choose : - green tea and grapefruit juice toner
                                - kiwi, coconut oil and brown sugar scrub
                                - cacao, yogurt, buttermilk and honey mask
                                - strawberries, oatmeal, yogurt and honey scrub

Curious how to make it? Keep reading

You will need:   - 2 (or more) strawberries
                           - 2 tablespoons oatmeal
                           - 1 tablespoon yogurt
                           - 1 tablespoon honey

why  these ingredients ? 

Oatmeal is good for giving your skin a soft peeling. It reduces dryness and itchiness caused by insects or eczema. 
Honey gives your face moist and makes it feel really soft. It also disinfects impurities and contains loads of antioxidants. 
Yogurt contains lactic acid and enzymes that help your skin hydrate and calm. It makes the skin feel soft and flexible. 
Strawberries are filled with vitamins C that give you a glowing complexion. It also works miracles against impurities and pimples. 

In the video I will show you how to make the scrub and how to do a very natural  makeup for everyday. 

xoxo Jana 

maandag 1 juni 2015

MAC prep and prime transparent finishing powder

English - Nederlands

Today I'm going to talk about my favorite finishing powder. 
This one isn't cheap, but I just love it as it works great for my skin. Mac prep and prime is a transparent finishing powder that I use to set my foundation and concealer. 
I love how the little box has a bit of a glitter to it and that the container itself is just sleek and black with a big compact mirror inside. The powder itself a pressed powder that comes off easily when you swirl your brush in it. It doesn't leave a white was on your face but blends in  easily into your foundation, leaving you with a flawless complexion. 
Even though I have oily skin, it makes my foundation last longer without uneven patches on the oily parts like my T-zone. Since I get pimples easily, I was a bit afraid to try this out, but it doesn't clog your pores. It's also easy to take with you during the day for some touch-ups, so I bring it everywhere I go. MAC doesn't come in cheap (€17,00) but it was worth the money for me. Let's say this is my holy grail item and that says it all. 

woensdag 27 mei 2015

Catrice beautifying lip smoother - Cake pop

English - Nederlands

I might be a lipstick fan, lip glosses never were my thing. They are sticky and smell really sweet and fruity. 
This Beautifying lip smoother promises to make your lips look more beautiful, to fill up those fine lines and to nourish your lips. That doesn't sound bad, does it? I just had to give one a try. 
The sponge-applicator made it even more interesting as you can't see if the color is going to be pigmented. To be honest, it is not pigmented at all, but I do love the natural finish. It applies really soft en doesn't feel sticky at all. It doesn't fill in the fine lines as it should do, but it's not something that really bothers me. What I do not like is the scent. It smells and tastes like caramel, really sweet. The lip smoother contains nourishing products like shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oils. It's really nourishing for your lips, which is always a plus for me. 
This tube comes in two more shades that I really want to try as well. Ever since I got this one, I use this all the time and I have to bring it everywhere I go. Natural lip colors are really pretty this time of year, so when I found this one for only €3,59 I just had to get it and it is even better then expected. 

Available in the drugstore
Not sticky
Natural finish
Cute packaging
Easy to apply
Contains nourishing products
 Sweet scent (you can also see this as a min)

Doesn't fill in the fine lines as promised

xoxo Jana

vrijdag 22 mei 2015

LR blush - Warm berry

English - Nederlands

I love a good pigmented blush and when a friend told me that she sold makeup from the brand LR, I said I would give it a go. 
I must say that the blush  was more expensive as I expected and the packaging looked a bit cheap.
Luckily the packaging is misleading and the blush itself is very pretty. The blush isn't as warm as the name would give it, but beautiful either way.  The blush has a great pigmentation and I love the blend it in with an other shade to give it a bit more warmth. The pale pink shade suites my fair skin tone and I love that it blends out easily. It doens't have any scent to it so it's better for you skin as they didn't add perfume to it. 
I never thought that LR would surprise me, but it actually did.The color is pretty, feminine, pigmented and easy to blend. 
This blush isn't something you can get at a drugstore but if you want to try it out, leave a comment for more details! 
PS: this isn't sponsored in any way! Paid for this blush myself out of curiosity.

maandag 18 mei 2015

Shophaul - Maastricht you were fun

English - Nederlands

So I spent a little money... Nothing new according to my mom. This time it wasn't just make-up but also some fashion bits. When going to Maastricht I always have a few shops I need to pay  a visit since they aren't in  Hasselt or any other city nearby. Lush, New Yorker and Van Haren were the shops I had to pay a visit and of course I didn't leave them empty handed. 

woensdag 13 mei 2015

My skin care products - How I keep my skin clear

English - Nederlands

Most people know that I don't have the best skin and that I easily have spots and blemishes.
So when I went looking for my trusty old Louis Widmer products, the sales lady recommended me the products of La roche-posay. Probably also because they didn't have Louis Widmer, but still she got me convinced about these products.
I only bought a skin gommage and a moisturizer and still I ended up with four products. The lovely lady knew I was doubting between the gommage  and the skin care gel so she gave me a full sized tube of the skin care gel just to try it out. And then there was one gommage product for free if I bought something from this brand so I ended up with two gommage, one skin care gel and one moisturizer. Great deal don't you think?
If you keep reading, I'll tell you what I think about every single product!

woensdag 6 mei 2015

Zoeva - faith and love

English - Nederlands

Everyone that knows me, knows I like to wear my bright or dark lip colors, but recently I decided that it was time to wear more nude colors. I want to try and wear a more dark eyelook and a bright or dark lip isn't the best combo with that. On I started looking for the, in my eyes, perfect nude color and I thought I had found it in 'Faith and love' from Zoeva. 
Zoeva is a brand that is known for it's brushes, but I didn't own any product of this brand. Online the lipstick looked very pretty with a beautiful sleek packaging, and beautiful the packaging is! 
The silver packaging is very sturdy and  stays closed trough the magnets, very handy I think! 'Color, Love, Makeup' is written  on the packaging in white letters and gives it an extra touche. 
This luxe cream lipstick is like it says very creamy and has a lot of pigment.
It feels really soft on the lips and doesn't dry them out. The color is peachy but maybe a bit to peachy for my pale skintone. 
Still, I would like to try more lipsticks from zoeva since the texture  and pigmentation really surprised me.
The lipsticks are really affordable and are in the same price categorie as maybelline and l'oreal. Now it's up to me to experiment with this lipstick, but for todays blogspot I wanted to focus on the lips. That is what the blog is about after all. 
For €9.95, you can find this lipstick on I already found another lip color I would like to try? But their brushes seem great as well. 
Have you tried out lipsticks from zoeva ?

xoxo Jana

Fashion Friday - Arm candy

English - Nederlands

Something I never wanted to spend money on was buying a watch. So much money for such a simple item that I would probably wear only a few times, just to put it safely in its box. 
Boy was I wrong. 
It started to get difficult to take my breaks at work when I didn't know what time it was and we couldn't take our cellphones with us. Buying a watch was the best option I had, so I was planing on buying a watch from Oozoo as these aren't that expensive. 
Yet Melissa managed to convince me into buying a watch from Fossil.
After looking for a watch from  Oozoo that was similar to the one from Fossil that Melissa had showed me, I gave up. Even though the Fossil one was a bit more expensive (139.95) I decided to just buy it. I could also choose my own little box to store my watch in which was a nice little extra something. 
Since I bought this one, I'm always wearing this one and I never forget to take my breaks! Even though it was more than I was planning on spending on a watch, I don't regret it. 
Buying a watch is a bit of an investment and I'm already looking for a silver version (maybe Oozoo this time?). 

April favorites

English - Nederlands

Time for my April Favorites post! It has been a while since I've done a new blog about my favorites because I tend to grab  my trusty brands and products, but luckily I tried out a few new products and some of them are really lovely. 
Starting of with the skincare line from La roche-posay. 
When I went in the store, I was looking for products from Louis Widmer, but the lovely lady who worked there recommended these products from La roche-posay. Even though I only bought two products, I ended up with four! They gave me two full sized products to try out, or at least one to try out and one was the exact same that I bought but just for free! 
These products are working miracles on my skin and I don't think I will quickly change up my skincare routine! A full review on these products will be up next week but if you are curious about my other favorites, keep on reading. 

dinsdag 28 april 2015

Where have you been?

English - Nederlands

Let me start off with apologizing for my lack of blogposts. I wanted to start taking more pictures of looks and products but then this very annoying thing happend... My top lip is swollen. Like I tried to join the kylie jenner lip challenge, but no I did not. Even my cheeks are swollen and it hurts a lot so going to work is not so nice anymore with every customer staring at me. Thank god I have my day off today. It all started when I woke up on Sunday with this tingling feeling in my lip and then it started to get bigger and bigger and then yesterday it got to the next level... It's gianormous !  
Now of course that isn't an excuse for all the other weeks but i've been trying to relax more and enjoy my life more by going out with friends. So  I kinda put my blog on the lowest level of everything and now that i'm missing blogging again, I can't until that giant lip is gone!
I decided to post some pictures of the last couple of weeks instead of a review.

zondag 19 april 2015

Mac - Cockney

English - Nederlands

Lipsticks, I just can't have enough of them, specially when I get them as a gift. This cute Mac one, I got in a giveaway from Melfortune. 
It's a lovely lipstick with a lustre finish and it is a red-orange color with a light golden glow to it. The snakeskin design looks very detailed en makes it look a bit more special then the basic lipsticks. Just as expected, the lasting power is very  good and the pigmentation is also on point. This color is one that I didn't own  but since I have it, i'm wearing it quit often. Mac keeps surprising me with the quality of their products so I always recommend everyone just to go and check out their products. I know that not everyone I keen on spending €19,00 on a lipstick, but I think that everyone should own at least one high end lipstick (best in a bright color, like red)! 

woensdag 1 april 2015

Girl about town

English - Nederlands

A pink lipstick never hurt nobody, right?
I've never been a fan of pink lipstick until my last visit to mac. I was always scared to look like a barbie or like a kid that was playing around with blue eyeshadow and bright pink lipstick.  
But when I saw this one, I was stunned by how beautiful this color looked in the bullet. I didn't even tried it on before buying it, but I know this color would be pretty. 
Girl about town is an amplified color which means the pigmentation is more vivid. I only need one layer to get the perfect color payoff. It applies as smooth as butter and stays on pretty long. Of course the finish isn't matte but it does look very pretty with a glow. 
And the smell... they smell  so good, like vanilla. I never liked pink lipstick, but like I said, this color is just damn gorgeous and I think this color will look good on multiple skin tones. 
Go and check out your closest mac store to pick this beauty up! 

maandag 30 maart 2015

Soft skin and some color on the lips - Video

English - Nederlands

It's been a while since I did another video but I thought it was time to upload one again. 
The makeup is pretty basic so I  think it's easy for everyone to do this look. 
I also wanted to include my new favorite lipstick that I often wear for work since it is a color that will suite lots of different skin tones . 
If the video  doesn't load, you can go to my youtube account (Janamarie). I hope you like it and if you do, you can leave a comment on  youtube or on my blog ! 

xoxo Jana

vrijdag 27 maart 2015

Fashion Friday - Aquarius

English- Nederlands

I have always been  very proud of my star sign and I've seen people with their sign on a necklace. The hunt for my own perfect necklace with my star sign begun, but I couldn't find anyone I actually liked. Until a few weeks ago when I was looking on the online webshop of Mango. 
I instantly fell in love with this multi-charm necklace. It looks very cute and I love to make this the center of my outfit! Just an all black outfit with golden accents and then this necklace is just pure heaven to me. I think it adds something more personal to a very basic outfit without making it look to much. My favorite charms are the top one and the bottom one since these look the most sophisticated and sleek. 
I love to combine a very simple minimal makeup look with this necklace, like you can see in the pictures below.
For those wondering; they have these in all star signs  so definitely go and visit your closest Mango shop or see it it is still available online, because this necklace is just to cute!   

maandag 23 maart 2015

Bourjois rouge edition - Prune afterwork

English - Nederlands

It's time for another lipstick review! Long time ago, I know. For a while I was thinking of buying a Bourjois rouge edition lipstick, but I was doubting if it was worth it. €12.99 for a drugstore lipstick isn't that cheap in my opinion, but I decided to give it a go. 
Of course I was pleasantly surprised. This lipstick is, except for my mac ones, my favorite one to use. The packaging is made of simple plastic and still I don't find it looking cheap.  The fun  thing is that you can see the actual color on the bottom  
These lipsticks have the 'ultimate melting texture', which makes them perfect for giving smooth and hydrated lips. They have 1/4 pigmentation which makes all the colors pop  and give the most perfect covering. They have a semi-shining finish and have a soft texture. I love that I can build op the intensity with this lipstick. 
This is by far one of my favorites lipsticks so I'm already looking for another lip color!  

zaterdag 21 maart 2015

W7 - 24 British eyeshadows

English - Nederlands

When I was planning an online order, I decided to add in this fun palette from W7. 
This palette looked really pretty online with lot's of colors. It has a lot of neutrals but also a few pops of colors so it's easy to make daytime appropriate looks but also smokey eyes. 
The pigmentation is a lot better then I expected all though I find it a shame they all have a lot of fallout. When I was filming the look I created with this palette, you can see a bit of a Panda-effect. Luckily it wasn't difficult to wipe away, but it still annoyed me a lot. 
Despite the beautiful colors and lovely pigmentation, I do tent to grab my Sleek- of MUA palettes more often since they don't have as many fallout. 
The price wasn't bad at all but you can get beter palettes for the same money, such as Sleek or MUA. 
I'm currently editing the video  of this look  so there might be a video comming up! 

maandag 9 maart 2015

Flat out fabulous

English - Nederlands

For those who follow me on instagram, noticed that I bought a few things at the MAC store a few weeks ago. 
The lipstick I wanted to buy wasn't in stock so I opted for a completely different color: 'Flat out fabulous'. 
While I'm writing this, I testing the lasting power of this lipstick, and I have to say that it stays on pretty long! 
I have eaten already, drank a delicious Latte caramel and my lipstick still looks perfect. The fushia pink color has a purple undertone which makes this colorpretty and spring or summer perfect. Since this is a lipstick from the retro matte line, it normally doens't apply very smooth, but this time that wasn't the case. It applies very soft and still has an amazing pigmentation. Better then I was expecting to be honest. 
For €19,00 you can find this lipstick at the MAC counter and the good thing is that it's in it's permanent range. 


woensdag 4 maart 2015

Blush academy event

English - Nederlands

A few weeks ago I received a fun message in my mailbox: an invitation for the Blush styling-&beautyday! two words that immediately spoke to me, styling and beauty, made sure I started looking for a way to  attend the event (I normally had to work that day). Luckily a very sweet colleague who wanted to switch shifts so I could let them know I was comming.

Now what is Blush exactly? Blush academy & agency is a fashion- and makeupschool, founded by Caroline Rigo and Palmira Proietti. They  offer an allround stylist or allround makeup training and since a few weeks they  also offer a summerclass to become a makeup artist and a customized fashion stylist class. (more info Blush).
Are you  excited to see what this event had in store for me? Keep  reading! 

zondag 1 maart 2015

Sunday talk - A month without blogging?

English - Nederlands

Let me start off with apologizing for not blogging during February. It has been a very busy and stressful month where I was also lacking inspiration and was feeling tired constantly. 
I wanted to make some small changes on my blog but still lack confidence to completely put myself out there. Guess the outfit post have to wait a bit longer...
At work was very stressful since my contract was ending on February 14th and we didn't know if someone had to go or not. After a lot of sleepless nights I finally heard some good news on February 13th, I could stay in the team! 
But thanks to all those sleepless nights and stress I felt like my body gave up on me. I could sleep for hours and didn't feel like blogging. Even when I wanted to blog, I just couldn't focus on writing. 
It was like staring at a blank paper for hours and not managing to put a few words on it.
I wanted to make some small changes  (besides outfit posts) to my blog but decided to put it on hold for a while till I have sorted out the details and till my blogging schedule is stable. 
I missed blogging but I don't want to force myself into posting bad blogs with horrible content so I decided to take some time of. Hopefully March will be a better month for me! 
I decided to add in some  instagram pictures so you can see what I've been up to... 

dinsdag 17 februari 2015

Sleek - Plush and Heartbreaker

English - Nederlands

The lipstick addict in me always forces me to buy at least one lipstick when shopping for make-up. I can never go into MAC without buying one. It's bad, I know and that's the reason I don't visit MAC often... 
Fellow-lipstick addicts would understand me when I say that wearing lipstick can  make you  feel more confident so when I decided to do an online purchase at Boozyshop, I knew I had to get a bright or dark color. 
Since I couldn't decide, I went for both a dark and a bright color. 'Heartbreaker' looks a bit like a mixture between MAC relentlessly red and MAC all fired up. A beautiful matte color that's perfect for spring and summer. 'Plush' on the other hand is a dark vampy lip color that is more suitable for fall and winter or for a night out. Plush isn't your typical dark berry shade, like most lipsticks, but it has a slight blue sheen to it, even though it is a matte color. On  the swatch you can see what I mean, but I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. 
These lipsticks both have a matte finish which makes them a bit more difficult to apply, but they last longer than a regular lipstick. My personal favorite is Plush since it is a bit more special and perfect for when you want to feel  sexy or mysterious. 
Which color do you prefer?

vrijdag 23 januari 2015

Sleek sunset

English - Nederlands

Today a review about my favorite makeup brand: Sleek. 
Last year when I went to London, I decided to buy two palettes of this brand, not knowing if the quality was good, but i was pleasantly surprised. 
For Christmas I asked my boyfriend if I could order some stuff online as a Christmas present, which he obviously thought it was a good idea. 
Sleek  was the brand that I could not forget to order, so I decided to check out their makeup palettes. Sunset was the one palette that stood out the most due to its warm shades, which I think looks great with blue eyes. 
The pigmentation of this palette is just as great as the other ones. They are soft and easy  to blend without having a lot of fallout. 
The warm colors are easy to combine and look beautiful with a neutral lip.  
Sleek is a very affordable brand with amazing quality that I can compare with MAC an Inglot. 
Definitely take a look at the makeup look I filmed !    

vrijdag 16 januari 2015

Fashion Friday - Fringe it is

English - Nederlands

Since I work at the lady's department, I constantly see lot's of beautiful items that are new in some collections. With the brand Halluber I spotted this nice fringe clutch  and I doubted pretty long abiut buying it or not. I have to much bags already. 
And then  the sale started... Jup, I could not resist it anymore and I decided to buy it to wear with my new year's outfit. 
Like most woman have a shoe addiction, I have a bag addiction,...and maybe shoes as well. I love this bag since it gives something unique to a simple outfit so I wear this bag all  the time. The black 'leather' is off good quality, and pretty spacious. 
It also comes with a silver chain so you can wear this as a cross-over back as well, but for me the chain was a bit too long. No big problem since I only wear this as a clutch. 
For €39,95 you can buy this in the Inno. 

woensdag 14 januari 2015

Rose gold

English - Nederlands

Next to my love for lipsticks, I have a second love: Blushes. 
There are so many colors that can transform your face and of course not one color looks exactly the same as another. There is always something different.. the finish, the shade... 
Sleek blushes are being hyped and since I'm the prideful owner of two blushes, now three, I can understand why. 
The packaging is very simple and elegant, completely my thing! It doesn't look cheap and it also doesn't feel  cheap since the packaging is very sturdy. 
My two other blushes have amazing pigmentation so of course I was curious if this blush would be just as great. 
Rose gold is a beautiful blush with  an subtle golden glow when the light hits it. The blush is a bit less pigmented then my other to blushes, but still a great one. The color looks very natural, which you can see in the last picture. Of course you can apply more blush  if you want it to be brighter, but I prefer this natural look. Sleek has amazing blushes that you can compare to mac ones and that for less money. 
You can order rose gold online at (they have great service!) for only €5,95. 

zondag 11 januari 2015

Sunday talk - Life, work, blog

English - Nederlands

Today  I've got a small update about my life, work and my blog, so grab a cup of tea, coffee or a hot coco.

Some might already know that I  quit my studies communicationmanagement, which was a course I really enjoyed doing but it was just to difficult. Right after I quit, I luckily got the job I wanted to do: to be in the sales team of Inno Hasselt. 
Galeria Inno is a bit like Hollands Bijenkorf or England's Harrods or Mark and Spencer. The inno where I work is pretty small compared to most Inno's but it's a fun place to shop. 
Luckily I also have fun colleagues to work with so I can't complain about that! 
Keep  reading to find out my plans about my blog.

maandag 5 januari 2015

Wrapped in pink

English - Nederlands

A while ago I bumped into this lipstick from the Christmas collection  from Essence.
Essence never really stood out to me, part from  there nail polishes, but when I tried out two lipsticks for a review a while ago, I was pleasantly  surprised. 
The packaging isn't really my thing. It's bright pink and looks a bit tacky, they could have made it a bit more chique (even though Essence isn't expensive). This 'Come to  town' collection has two different shades of lipstick: '01 Is that you, Santa?' and '02 wrapped in pink'.
I decided to go for the 02 since I wasn't to fond of the collection to begin with.
The pigmentation isn't bad, but it definitely isn't as good as the two mat one I tried out earlier. You can see the lines of the lips peaking through the lipstick which doesn't look  very attractive. Also the color doesn't match the name of the lipstick. If I hadn't opened the lipstick in store, I would have been  very dissapointed since the color isn't pink but more purple. It looks a bit like MAC rebel, only the MAC version is better. It sort of has the same finish, only the wrapped in pink one is a bit more shiny then MAC rebel.
This lipstick was only €2,39 so I wasn't that dissapointed. I think the lipstick is great for that price.    

zaterdag 3 januari 2015

Fashion Friday - New shoes

English - Nederlands

I was looking for new ankle booties with a high heel for a while but didn't found the time to try some on or I just didn't like the shoes. There was always something about the booties which made me hesitate to buy them. I know, I'm very picky but the 23th of December I found the perfect pair, just in time to wear on Christmas! 
They have the perfect height and are very comfortable. These shoes worn't even expensive so I didn't hesitate for a second and just bought them. The heel height is a bit higher then I normally would wear, but since the heel is pretty thick, it's easy to walk in. 
They look very pretty with skinny jeans so I'm very happy I finally found a pair!