woensdag 6 mei 2015

Zoeva - faith and love

English - Nederlands

Everyone that knows me, knows I like to wear my bright or dark lip colors, but recently I decided that it was time to wear more nude colors. I want to try and wear a more dark eyelook and a bright or dark lip isn't the best combo with that. On boozyshop.nl I started looking for the, in my eyes, perfect nude color and I thought I had found it in 'Faith and love' from Zoeva. 
Zoeva is a brand that is known for it's brushes, but I didn't own any product of this brand. Online the lipstick looked very pretty with a beautiful sleek packaging, and beautiful the packaging is! 
The silver packaging is very sturdy and  stays closed trough the magnets, very handy I think! 'Color, Love, Makeup' is written  on the packaging in white letters and gives it an extra touche. 
This luxe cream lipstick is like it says very creamy and has a lot of pigment.
It feels really soft on the lips and doesn't dry them out. The color is peachy but maybe a bit to peachy for my pale skintone. 
Still, I would like to try more lipsticks from zoeva since the texture  and pigmentation really surprised me.
The lipsticks are really affordable and are in the same price categorie as maybelline and l'oreal. Now it's up to me to experiment with this lipstick, but for todays blogspot I wanted to focus on the lips. That is what the blog is about after all. 
For €9.95, you can find this lipstick on www.boozyshop.nl. I already found another lip color I would like to try? But their brushes seem great as well. 
Have you tried out lipsticks from zoeva ?

xoxo Jana

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