maandag 5 januari 2015

Wrapped in pink

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A while ago I bumped into this lipstick from the Christmas collection  from Essence.
Essence never really stood out to me, part from  there nail polishes, but when I tried out two lipsticks for a review a while ago, I was pleasantly  surprised. 
The packaging isn't really my thing. It's bright pink and looks a bit tacky, they could have made it a bit more chique (even though Essence isn't expensive). This 'Come to  town' collection has two different shades of lipstick: '01 Is that you, Santa?' and '02 wrapped in pink'.
I decided to go for the 02 since I wasn't to fond of the collection to begin with.
The pigmentation isn't bad, but it definitely isn't as good as the two mat one I tried out earlier. You can see the lines of the lips peaking through the lipstick which doesn't look  very attractive. Also the color doesn't match the name of the lipstick. If I hadn't opened the lipstick in store, I would have been  very dissapointed since the color isn't pink but more purple. It looks a bit like MAC rebel, only the MAC version is better. It sort of has the same finish, only the wrapped in pink one is a bit more shiny then MAC rebel.
This lipstick was only €2,39 so I wasn't that dissapointed. I think the lipstick is great for that price.    

xoxo Jana 

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