dinsdag 28 april 2015

Where have you been?

English - Nederlands

Let me start off with apologizing for my lack of blogposts. I wanted to start taking more pictures of looks and products but then this very annoying thing happend... My top lip is swollen. Like I tried to join the kylie jenner lip challenge, but no I did not. Even my cheeks are swollen and it hurts a lot so going to work is not so nice anymore with every customer staring at me. Thank god I have my day off today. It all started when I woke up on Sunday with this tingling feeling in my lip and then it started to get bigger and bigger and then yesterday it got to the next level... It's gianormous !  
Now of course that isn't an excuse for all the other weeks but i've been trying to relax more and enjoy my life more by going out with friends. So  I kinda put my blog on the lowest level of everything and now that i'm missing blogging again, I can't until that giant lip is gone!
I decided to post some pictures of the last couple of weeks instead of a review.

zondag 19 april 2015

Mac - Cockney

English - Nederlands

Lipsticks, I just can't have enough of them, specially when I get them as a gift. This cute Mac one, I got in a giveaway from Melfortune. 
It's a lovely lipstick with a lustre finish and it is a red-orange color with a light golden glow to it. The snakeskin design looks very detailed en makes it look a bit more special then the basic lipsticks. Just as expected, the lasting power is very  good and the pigmentation is also on point. This color is one that I didn't own  but since I have it, i'm wearing it quit often. Mac keeps surprising me with the quality of their products so I always recommend everyone just to go and check out their products. I know that not everyone I keen on spending €19,00 on a lipstick, but I think that everyone should own at least one high end lipstick (best in a bright color, like red)! 

woensdag 1 april 2015

Girl about town

English - Nederlands

A pink lipstick never hurt nobody, right?
I've never been a fan of pink lipstick until my last visit to mac. I was always scared to look like a barbie or like a kid that was playing around with blue eyeshadow and bright pink lipstick.  
But when I saw this one, I was stunned by how beautiful this color looked in the bullet. I didn't even tried it on before buying it, but I know this color would be pretty. 
Girl about town is an amplified color which means the pigmentation is more vivid. I only need one layer to get the perfect color payoff. It applies as smooth as butter and stays on pretty long. Of course the finish isn't matte but it does look very pretty with a glow. 
And the smell... they smell  so good, like vanilla. I never liked pink lipstick, but like I said, this color is just damn gorgeous and I think this color will look good on multiple skin tones. 
Go and check out your closest mac store to pick this beauty up!