zondag 19 april 2015

Mac - Cockney

English - Nederlands

Lipsticks, I just can't have enough of them, specially when I get them as a gift. This cute Mac one, I got in a giveaway from Melfortune. 
It's a lovely lipstick with a lustre finish and it is a red-orange color with a light golden glow to it. The snakeskin design looks very detailed en makes it look a bit more special then the basic lipsticks. Just as expected, the lasting power is very  good and the pigmentation is also on point. This color is one that I didn't own  but since I have it, i'm wearing it quit often. Mac keeps surprising me with the quality of their products so I always recommend everyone just to go and check out their products. I know that not everyone I keen on spending €19,00 on a lipstick, but I think that everyone should own at least one high end lipstick (best in a bright color, like red)! 

xoxo jANA

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