woensdag 27 mei 2015

Catrice beautifying lip smoother - Cake pop

English - Nederlands

I might be a lipstick fan, lip glosses never were my thing. They are sticky and smell really sweet and fruity. 
This Beautifying lip smoother promises to make your lips look more beautiful, to fill up those fine lines and to nourish your lips. That doesn't sound bad, does it? I just had to give one a try. 
The sponge-applicator made it even more interesting as you can't see if the color is going to be pigmented. To be honest, it is not pigmented at all, but I do love the natural finish. It applies really soft en doesn't feel sticky at all. It doesn't fill in the fine lines as it should do, but it's not something that really bothers me. What I do not like is the scent. It smells and tastes like caramel, really sweet. The lip smoother contains nourishing products like shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oils. It's really nourishing for your lips, which is always a plus for me. 
This tube comes in two more shades that I really want to try as well. Ever since I got this one, I use this all the time and I have to bring it everywhere I go. Natural lip colors are really pretty this time of year, so when I found this one for only €3,59 I just had to get it and it is even better then expected. 

Available in the drugstore
Not sticky
Natural finish
Cute packaging
Easy to apply
Contains nourishing products
 Sweet scent (you can also see this as a min)

Doesn't fill in the fine lines as promised

xoxo Jana

vrijdag 22 mei 2015

LR blush - Warm berry

English - Nederlands

I love a good pigmented blush and when a friend told me that she sold makeup from the brand LR, I said I would give it a go. 
I must say that the blush  was more expensive as I expected and the packaging looked a bit cheap.
Luckily the packaging is misleading and the blush itself is very pretty. The blush isn't as warm as the name would give it, but beautiful either way.  The blush has a great pigmentation and I love the blend it in with an other shade to give it a bit more warmth. The pale pink shade suites my fair skin tone and I love that it blends out easily. It doens't have any scent to it so it's better for you skin as they didn't add perfume to it. 
I never thought that LR would surprise me, but it actually did.The color is pretty, feminine, pigmented and easy to blend. 
This blush isn't something you can get at a drugstore but if you want to try it out, leave a comment for more details! 
PS: this isn't sponsored in any way! Paid for this blush myself out of curiosity.

maandag 18 mei 2015

Shophaul - Maastricht you were fun

English - Nederlands

So I spent a little money... Nothing new according to my mom. This time it wasn't just make-up but also some fashion bits. When going to Maastricht I always have a few shops I need to pay  a visit since they aren't in  Hasselt or any other city nearby. Lush, New Yorker and Van Haren were the shops I had to pay a visit and of course I didn't leave them empty handed. 

woensdag 13 mei 2015

My skin care products - How I keep my skin clear

English - Nederlands

Most people know that I don't have the best skin and that I easily have spots and blemishes.
So when I went looking for my trusty old Louis Widmer products, the sales lady recommended me the products of La roche-posay. Probably also because they didn't have Louis Widmer, but still she got me convinced about these products.
I only bought a skin gommage and a moisturizer and still I ended up with four products. The lovely lady knew I was doubting between the gommage  and the skin care gel so she gave me a full sized tube of the skin care gel just to try it out. And then there was one gommage product for free if I bought something from this brand so I ended up with two gommage, one skin care gel and one moisturizer. Great deal don't you think?
If you keep reading, I'll tell you what I think about every single product!

woensdag 6 mei 2015

Zoeva - faith and love

English - Nederlands

Everyone that knows me, knows I like to wear my bright or dark lip colors, but recently I decided that it was time to wear more nude colors. I want to try and wear a more dark eyelook and a bright or dark lip isn't the best combo with that. On boozyshop.nl I started looking for the, in my eyes, perfect nude color and I thought I had found it in 'Faith and love' from Zoeva. 
Zoeva is a brand that is known for it's brushes, but I didn't own any product of this brand. Online the lipstick looked very pretty with a beautiful sleek packaging, and beautiful the packaging is! 
The silver packaging is very sturdy and  stays closed trough the magnets, very handy I think! 'Color, Love, Makeup' is written  on the packaging in white letters and gives it an extra touche. 
This luxe cream lipstick is like it says very creamy and has a lot of pigment.
It feels really soft on the lips and doesn't dry them out. The color is peachy but maybe a bit to peachy for my pale skintone. 
Still, I would like to try more lipsticks from zoeva since the texture  and pigmentation really surprised me.
The lipsticks are really affordable and are in the same price categorie as maybelline and l'oreal. Now it's up to me to experiment with this lipstick, but for todays blogspot I wanted to focus on the lips. That is what the blog is about after all. 
For €9.95, you can find this lipstick on www.boozyshop.nl. I already found another lip color I would like to try? But their brushes seem great as well. 
Have you tried out lipsticks from zoeva ?

xoxo Jana

Fashion Friday - Arm candy

English - Nederlands

Something I never wanted to spend money on was buying a watch. So much money for such a simple item that I would probably wear only a few times, just to put it safely in its box. 
Boy was I wrong. 
It started to get difficult to take my breaks at work when I didn't know what time it was and we couldn't take our cellphones with us. Buying a watch was the best option I had, so I was planing on buying a watch from Oozoo as these aren't that expensive. 
Yet Melissa managed to convince me into buying a watch from Fossil.
After looking for a watch from  Oozoo that was similar to the one from Fossil that Melissa had showed me, I gave up. Even though the Fossil one was a bit more expensive (139.95) I decided to just buy it. I could also choose my own little box to store my watch in which was a nice little extra something. 
Since I bought this one, I'm always wearing this one and I never forget to take my breaks! Even though it was more than I was planning on spending on a watch, I don't regret it. 
Buying a watch is a bit of an investment and I'm already looking for a silver version (maybe Oozoo this time?). 

April favorites

English - Nederlands

Time for my April Favorites post! It has been a while since I've done a new blog about my favorites because I tend to grab  my trusty brands and products, but luckily I tried out a few new products and some of them are really lovely. 
Starting of with the skincare line from La roche-posay. 
When I went in the store, I was looking for products from Louis Widmer, but the lovely lady who worked there recommended these products from La roche-posay. Even though I only bought two products, I ended up with four! They gave me two full sized products to try out, or at least one to try out and one was the exact same that I bought but just for free! 
These products are working miracles on my skin and I don't think I will quickly change up my skincare routine! A full review on these products will be up next week but if you are curious about my other favorites, keep on reading.