maandag 20 juli 2015

Maybelline - The nudes

English - Nederlands

Everyone that knows me, knows I love my eye makeup palettes, but I think it's difficult to find one that has a descent quality but isn't as expensive as most makeup palettes. 
When Maybelline released this palette I just had to swatch  the colors in store, which lead to me walking around with 12 different shades on my wrist the rest of the day... 
Luckily the pigmentation was amazing so I wanted to know if they would blend as easy. While giving her €15,99 for the palette, I was hoping I wouldn't be dissapointed. 
And I wasn't! It's the most basic palette without a mirror or a fancy  brush (that most of the times is total crap), but it has 12 very beautiful neutral shades. 
They are all very well pigmented and easy  to use.They aren't powdery but creamy and easy  to blend on the eyes. 
With  these colors you can make a very cute neutral eye look or a sexy smokey look. 
For only €15,99 you can find this palette at the DI or Kruidvat 

xoxo Jana

zondag 5 juli 2015

Sunday talk

English - Nederlands

Currently i'm  in my room with a wet towel over my burnt red legs trying to cool off a bit. It's like 38°C in Belgium which is pretty rare over here. Luckily I had a day off today (which explains the burnt legs I guess). 
So let me start with the beginning: I lost my job at Galeria Inno, went on lots of job interviews, even did some tryouts but eventually I ended up working at MEXX. I must say, I was a bit scared to  start working in a team that already knew each other and I was the newbie, but they were all so nice and helpful and I ended up feeling right at home there. 
More exiting news: I bought a car! Finally, after having my drivers licence for almost 3 years, I decided that I saved enough money to buy myself a nice car. It's not brand new, but that's ok√© with me. I went for a light grey Hyundai I30 from  2008. Pictures will probably follow. 
Also I'm planning in some new video's and vlogs. As i'm going to Amsterdam, I want to try and make some vlogs and maybe some outfit photo's. For those following me on  Instagram, you might have seen a few outfits passing by but I'll  add them in this blog. 
I'm still not 100% comfortable being completely in front of a camera but i'm getting there.